WT-009 EU Standard Spring Premium White Peony Tea


White peony tea 

Item Code:WT-009

Standard:EU Standard

Origin:Fujian Province,China


Why select our white peony tea 

White peony tea 

Indigenous of Bai Mu Dan can be traced back to Fuijan, Fuding, and Zhenghe in China and is illustriously known as white peony tea. It's a unique type of white tea because of its agreeably sweet taste. This is due to selective breeding in cultivation to produce more than threefold Dai Bai tea varieties, one is grown in Eastern Fujian and is known as Fuding cultivar and the other is grown in Northern Fujian. These two Dai Bai varieties produce undisputed high-quality white peony tea that has been unsurpassed by other types of white tea since 1885 when it was initially planted. In order to supply you with imperial white peony tea, we only have the ones that possess these aged but with finest natural qualities.

White peony tea is not only refined in taste, but it has strikingly beyond known benefits which can subvert other known types of tea in the market. White peony root extract, which is from the flower, is also used to produce tea, capsules and powdered extract. Additionally, those who take white peony root extract tea, have low failures of vital organs such as heart, liver and kidney failures. In these modern times, a lot of seemingly healthy people imminently suffer and even worse succumb to vital organs complications. White peony tea is your daily dose to remove your name from this shocking statistics of fatality. For example, white peony tea contains a lot of compounds of antioxidants type called paeoniflorin than any other tea. This compound helps to prevent unnecessary stress and inflammation of the liver. Most people suffer from kidney failure due to the toxin is known as urinary albumin, which is responsible for kidney failure. This tea is your optimal solution for such occurrences because it removes these toxins. Its therapeutic benefits are so amazing especially health issues of this current age. Crowning this is the ability to prevent cardiovascular complications and hypertension. Even those who can access quality health care still find themselves with these issues and it's becoming more prevalent with time. White peony tea has 18 agents that are actively involved in ensuring your blood circulation is 100 percent healthy. We will provide you with white peony tea that is least processed so it can have more of nutritional value than any other tea. We both have mutual believe if your clients take the most nutritious white peony tea, it will keep the doctor away from them but retain us to a supplier for you, by loyal customers steadily buying from you.

Our exceptional method of processing white peony tea is flawless purely because of our natural approach. Our main objective is to preserve nutrients, furthermore, the aroma and taste depend on the diligence and how skillful our process is. Our tea is universally recognized for its elegance and appetizing taste. In order to achieve this, immediately after diligently harvesting by hand sets of two leaves and one bud, it is delicately transported and placed in a shed away from direct sunlight where it slowly withers for 2 to 3 days. The time varies depending on the weather. A well-qualified tea master moderates if the withering is good enough to produce our white peony tea with the number one aroma and flavor. The withering should not be more or less than required. Once it withers enough according to skillful tea master, it is slightly dried. It is then cooled perfectly and dried again. Finally, our byproduct of this process by the tea master is white peony potentially with a delicacy taste and unforgettable aroma all locked in those dried leaves.

After all these especial processes, we store our extremely potent white peony tea leaves in our freezer house to maintain super fresh for these lightly fermented teas. Our stores are up to standard in hygiene for storage of raw materials and they are above the certification standard. Our infinite supply of this precious commodity is possible due to well-organized and high-tech, infrastructure, products and procurement management in stores. Stores are well equipped, manned by professionals to ensure your orders of white peony tea are carried out expressly in a non-bureaucracy procedure. We have our own special factory to pack and ensure we have only superlative quality in our own individual white peony tea packets. We have the cutting-edge equipment to warrant that we satisfy your orders no matter how considerable number of packets you may want. We fulfill our clients mandate in decisiveness based on our contractual agreement and we go as far as allowing special orders with an extremely limited timeline that you have requested. We are the only proficient suppliers of white peony tea in the market globally. Welcome your inquiry.


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Besides, we also have our own high sanitation, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including the packing workshop, pyramid tea bag OEM workshop, Matcha To Go OEM workshop, etc. For the health of human, we always advocate organic life attitude, and devote to be the advocator and leader of organic teas.

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