WT-014 Organic-certified Imperial Bai Mu Dan White Tea


Fuding White Tea 

Item Code: WT-014

Standard: Organic-certified

Origin: Fujian Province,China


Why select our fuding white tea 

In Northeast of China, by the sea, in high mountainous areas, there's a providence named Fujian. This area is of great importance for tea production, especially white tea. From here the high-quality Fuding white tea origins. To keep quality high, here in the hometown of this special tea, authorities control the Fuding tea throughout the entire process. We want to provide tea from the best tea regions in the world. That is why we have selected white tea.

The Fuding white tea has a long tradition. You can find writings of it in texts from 700 AD. Archeologists have even found ancient leafs from this time period. 

This white tea is just like other white teas, slightly fermented and full of vital antioxidants, great for your body. It is produced from fresh leafs from Fuding. The gentle production helps the tea to keep the maximum value of healthy nutrients perfect for your body.

How Is Fuding White Tea Produced?

1. Picking – The criteria for picking the leafs are strict. White tea is China's treasure. The picker's hands are gentle when putting the leafs into a basket made of bamboo. You are only allowed to pick the youngest and most tender buds. Only leafs that are even and fresh are allowed to be kept. These leafs are giving the tea leafs the white silver glow. The leafs should be picked early and frequently. Most of the leafs are being picked during spring and summer. 

2. Withering – the fresh leafs are being spread out in a highly ventilated room. During these hours, no one is allowed to touch the leafs. After this first drying, the withering begins. The leafs are spread out in a room indoor or out in the sun. The best combination is to begin the withering process in the sun and continue indoors. This way the leafs start to soften. It is in this important process the enzymes start working and the fermentation kicks in. It is this process that the white tea gets its characteristic taste. The grassy taste you might sense in green tea disappears during this process.

3. Drying - The drying process works in two steps. Depending on the environment, the drying can be with help from pan heating or from only using the sun. Drying is important since it stops the fermentation process, and that extra dryness prevents mold to grow. This last step gives the final touch to the white tea and removes the taste of grassy leafs. 

How Do You Brew Fuding White Tea?

We are only providing high quality teas and the best tea you can get from Fuding. Still, it is important to get the brewing method right. Even a tea with high quality can the taste wrong if brewed improperly. 

Rule no 1: Don't use boiling water.

Put 5 – 8 g of leafs into a cup. Depending on your personal taste, pour 85 – 500 ml water with the temperature of 85 C (not hotter than 90 C). Taste if you want to add more leafs. Sit down, relax, and enjoy your cup of tea.

Health Benefit Of Fuding White Tea

1. It is an inner-heat-relieving and antiphlogistic tea. White tea can relieve inner heat and prevent infective bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococcus and pneumonia and so forth.

2. It is a women's tea. White tea contains low free-radicals, so drinking white tea or using white tea extracts could defer senility and beautify. Therefore, it is welcomed by fashionistas.

3. It is a partner's tea. Drink white tea while you are drinking red wine. The combination of red and white will solve the problem of suffering the excessive inner heat.

4. It is a tea of dreams. White tea can relieve the inner heat, relax and smooth the nerves. It is good for a healthy sleep.

5. It is a tea for traveling. It can be made for a long time. A cup of tea each traveling day keeps tiredness away.

There are some primary competitive advantages of our company's white tea :

1. We have our own white tea plantation base, which has a competitive price, for bigger quantity, the price can be more lowered;

2. Certificate: Organic-certified and EU conventional;

3. Quality Control: Experienced QC team always strictly check the products before packing, ensure to deliver the high quality products to clients;

4. Logo and Package: OEM & ODM package and customized logo; 

5. Company Information: 10 years tea export experience;

We are the professional supplier of Fuding tea. If you want to buy Fuding white tea. Why don't you choose us? We will quote the best price to you after we receive the detail description of your inquiry.


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