Strawberry Boba


Strawberry boba, as the name suggests, is an iced strawberry milk tea that originated in Taiwan during the 1980s before finding favor in the United States in the 1990s and is now popular among the masses for many reasons and in many countries. Some enjoy the wide range of different flavors, whereas others are drawn in by the different color-looking boba tea that make the drink so appealing.

The unique feature of this strawberry boba tea is the appealing, mouth-watering strawberry taste and the chewy tapioca balls, which are safe to eat and help set the refreshing beverage apart from other offerings. In order to create good taste of strawberry, strawberry elements from strawberry-flavored tea, or syrup, or tapioca or non-dairy creamer, can be added into this kind of appealing beverages.

How to Make Strawberry Boba 


The great thing about strawberry boba is there is no one way to prepare it so that everyone can make it to their own preference. In the early stage of boba milk tea, normally only two elements were used in the strawberry boba, one was strawberry flavored non-dairy milk, another was tapioca pearls. For this early stage boba tea, its taste was quite plain and sales price was also not expensive. With the evolution of boba tea, more and more elements have been added in the strawberry boba to make the look more appealing and taste more complex, such as strawberry-flavored tea, strawberry-flavored syrup, strawberry-flavored tapioca pearls, strawberry juice, fresh strawberry fruit, etc.  

Of course, there is no limited on only strawberry-flavored tea used. Other teas can also be used, such as black tea, jasmine green tea, peach Oolong tea or pure Oolong tea. No matter what kind of tea used in the strawberry boba, it is always a perfect match with strawberry taste.


Below is only one example on how to make strawberry boba tea by using strawberry-flavored tea.

First: brew the strawberry-flavored tea.

Second: add milk or non-dairy milk powder into hot tea liquid, and stir well;

Third: add ice cubes inside to stir well to make the strawberry boba milk tea base

Fourth: pour 350ml strawberry boba milk tea base into a shaker, then 50g fresh-crushed strawberry, 45 sugar cane syrup, 120 ice cubes, then shape.

Fifth: scoop around 80g tapioca pearls into a cup, and then pour the well-shaped boba tea into this cup. A perfect cup of strawberry boba tea is well-done.

How to Make Strawberry Tapioca Pearls 

Despite the ready-made strawberry tapioca pearls available for purchase in the market easily, some may want to create their own to enjoy the fun of making strawberry boba or unique recipe to attract more clients for their boba shops. Below are some making process FYI.


First: choose the light color tapioca pearls, or the strawberry taste tapioca pearls.

Second: Cook the tapioca pearls based on the instructions.

Third: after the tapioca pearls well-cook, then you can choose to add extra strawberry taste syrup to soak 15 minutes; or alternatively, you can make your own strawberry syrup by adding strawberry jam or fresh juice inside, then pour them into tapioca pearls to soak for 15mins before using.

What Other Strawberry Boba or Fruit Tea Variations are Available? 

Although many enjoy the delicious and unique taste of strawberry boba milk tea, others will be keen to embrace imaginative and unique flavors that still contain the sweetness and juiciness of the fruit. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available.

Strawberry lemon fruit tea

Ingredients: jasmine green tea/Oolong tea/black tea/strawberry-flavored tea, lemon, fresh strawberry, syrup.


Strawberry Smoothie

Ingredients: jasmine green tea/Oolong tea/black tea/strawberry-flavored tea, fresh strawberry, syrup, ice cubes.


Strawberry Cheese Foam tea

Ingredients: Strawberry-flavored black/Oolong tea, cheese, syrup, Matcha powder

Strawberry yogurt tea

Ingredients: Strawberry-flavored black/Oolong tea, fresh strawberry/ strawberry jam, syrup, yogurt


Strawberry Yakult tea

Ingredients: Strawberry-flavored black/Oolong tea, fresh strawberry/ strawberry jam, syrup, Yakult


Super Strawberry fruit tea

Ingredients:  jasmine green tea/Oolong tea/black tea/strawberry-flavored tea, cream, fresh strawberry, syrup.


There are no set rules when preparing strawberry boba tea, so the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking for a simple strawberry beverage for a summer's day or wish to experiment with the many flavor pairings available, boba tea is a treat you must try if you're a fan of fruit-flavored milk drinks that offer something original.


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