YT-003 Spring First Grade Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea


Chinese Yellow Tea

Item Code: YT-003 

Origin: Anhui, China 



The Chinese yellow tea also known as huángchá is increasingly being recognized as one of the rare and expensive species of tea. There are several varieties of green tea including Junshan Yinzhen form the Hunan province of China, Huoshan Huangya obtained from mount Huo in Anhui province, Meng Ding Huangya obtained from mount Meng in Sichuan province, Da Ye Qing obtained from Guangdong Province, and Huang Tang obtained from Zhejiang Province all from China. 

The origin of the Chinese yellow tea style is ambiguous unlike the other methods of processing tea. The arguments do seem to tail in one distinct accord. In most case, the yellow tea culture has been observed to come from mostly the areas that were producing the green tea. These places included the Meng Ding Shan, and Huo Shan, these regions have a history of producing the Chinese green tea although for the Chinese yellow tea it’s postulated that they started producing it during the Qing Dynasty between the years 1644 and 1912. Since the start of production of the Chinese yellow teas, it has not attracted a broad market presence but has been mostly used as local application. For all these time, however, the locals have complained that the process of making the Chinese yellow tea is tedious and takes a lot of time. Up to date out of the thousands of the green tea, there are only three species of yellow tea enjoying their survival in the market.

Making Process

First, the leaves are dried well just like most of the green teas. The leaves are then wrapped in a material which differs from one type of the yellow tea to another in the case of Yin Zhen a thick paper is used. In the case of the remaining two, a cloth is used. The tea is then dried in intervals over and over while re-wrapped in to help in cooling and for it to oxidize slightly. The process is rolled continuously for around three days after which the tea is roasted slowly as it exits the process.

Brewing Tips

The process of making the Chinese yellow tea is more of the same as that followed when making green tea. There is only one step added to be that is encasing and steaming. These two processes are meant to lower the rate of oxidizing the tea. The reasons for initiating a much slower rate of oxidization are towards improving a mellow taste. With the slow level of oxidization, the leaves color changes to yellow in the drying process. The key objective of making the Chinese huang cha is to remove the grassy smell that is characteristic of the green tea while retaining the health characteristics.

Storage Method

The mood for storing the tea is dictated by the two enemies of tea that are air and light. As such in the case of storing tea. The tea should be stored in a cool and dry place and away from any light source. In most cases, they are stored in Mylar bag while applies the clips to keep the air out.

Health Benefits 

The Chinese yellow tea is cherished in the powered over due to the plethora of health benefits that comes with it. First, the yellow tea can help reducing body weights and treating the inflammatory bowel disease. Additionally, it removes the harmful toxins from the body while improving the mental alertness. It lowers the risk of the brain stroke saw well as diabetes.

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