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White Tea Blends

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Origin: Fujian,China 

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Why select our Chinese white blended tea?

Chinese white Tea, History, Production, Preparation, and Benefits

As one of the most delicate tea varieties, Chinese white tea refers a special type of tea made from the most tender handpicked leaf buds and tips. Widely believed to be the earliest tea in China, it was first produced in the Fuding area before spreading out to the Zhenghe and Shuiji areas. Some of the earliest types of white tea include Shoumei, White Peony, silver needle, and Gongmei.

The legend has it that 5000 years ago, while the emperor was traveling, he ordered his water to be boiled because it was bad hence not fit for drinking. Suddenly, a tea leaf was blown into his cup which he allowed to steeping before drinking. This was how it was discovered. Later on, it was not only revered but also the choice of the royal court given mostly as a tribute.

The production of Chinese white tea

Produced mainly in China, in the Fujian province, Chinese white tea is plucked from the leaf buds covered with whitish hair. First, the leaf buds are plucked before they fully open. Once they've been plucked, they are withered in the sun to soften the cells and then allowed to dry slowly at a low temperature. The key to ensuring that the tea comes out well depends on the withering process.

To slightly break down the leaves, they are passed through cold and hot rollers. This also helps to intensify the tea flavor and establish the shape thereby resulting in a tea with natural sweetness and mild flavor with a few grassy undertones that is similar to green tea.

How to brew Chinese white tea

What you need is as follow:
· 2 teaspoons of white tea.
· 6 ounces of water.
· Kettle.
· Thermometer.
· Timer.
· Teapot.
· Teacup.
· Measuring spoon.

Brewing Tips

1. Fill the kettle with water and boil to about 180 degrees.
2. Measure 2 teaspoons of tea.
3. Place the leaves in the cup or the teapot.
4. Pour the water over the leaves.
5. Cover the cup or the teapot.
6. Steep the tea for between 1 to 5 minutes depending on your personal preference and particular variety.
7. When the tea is ready, remove the leaves or just pour the tea through the strainer.

How to store Chinese white tea

To ensure that the tea regains its original flavor and fragrance, proper storage is paramount. You, therefore, need to store it in a cool, dark, dry place in an airtight container. Avoid storing it near your cooker or in the fridge as it might quickly absorb food odors and moisture. Moreover, avoid areas that usually experiences changes in temperature. If stored well, the white tea can remain in good shape for even 18 months.

Benefits of Chinese white tea

· It acts as an antioxidant agent- It contains polyphenols which help make the free radicals in the body less destructive.
· Skin care- It helps in maintaining a youthful and healthy skin.
· It has antiaging properties- Due to its antioxidant features, it can also help reduce chances of premature aging.
· Prevents cancer- It may be helpful in preventing cancer.
· It boost oral health- The presence of flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins may also help to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes a plague in the mouth.
· It relieves common cold-taking white tea may also provide relief for illnesses such as common cold and flu.
· It acts as an antibacterial agent-with its antibacterial properties, it can protect you from bacteria and other germs.

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