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Silver Needle Tea

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Origin:Fujian,China (Mainland)


The advantages of our silver needle tea:

Silver Needle Tea

We are the professional suppliers of silver needle tea, highly valued in China and the globe for its health benefits. Known by other names like yin zhen, white tea, or white hair silver needle because of tiny but visible white hairs, our tea is keenly processed to bring out its distinct flavor which leaves a lingering sweet taste in the mouth.

We harvest twice in a year during spring in our tea plantation. We pick only the large, healthy and fleshy buds suitable for an enjoyable brew of silver needle tea which has a lingering sweetness.


Our silver needle tea, also fondly referred to as Bai Hao Yin Zhen, traces its origin from the Chinese province of Fujian in the two districts of Zhenghe and Fuding, in the Southeast of China, West of Taiwan. We grow silver needle tea in our plantation in humid and mild climate which makes its flavor distinctively sweet and memorable.


The silver needle tea is a pale tea with an ivory colour when it is brewed. It is called white tea specifically for its appearance.


As a professional supplier of silver needle tea with our own plantation, we ensure that the pruned buds receive the best treatment at our tea factory. We produce both the Fuding style and the Zhenghe style of silver needle tea which have different oxidation time and thus different appearance. We fan them on bamboo trays, dry them in the sun before withering them indoors.

We process silver needle tea in a way that ensures it looses 70% of its moisture content gradually and that the end result is a perfect tea, packed while it is warm to ensure the buds still loose moisture.


We use the large,fleshy and healthy buds of Fu-Ding Da-bai-cha and Zheng-He Da-bau-cha to produce our high quality silver needle tea. It is the least oxidized or processed teas with a hairy appearance even after it has been brewed.


In our factory, we remove excess leaves meticulously and remain with the brittle and fleshy buds needed to make the high quality silver needle tea.


To process our high quality silver needle tea, we use the traditional way of placing the buds inside bamboo plates. The buds are spread out so as not to overlap and to ensure they lose maximum amount of the moisture content. This improves the quality of our tea as the perforated bamboo plates ensure maximum aeration for moisture loss.


We then place the withered buds inside perforated bamboo baskets to dry on a windy day when the sun burns mildly. This ensures that moisture is further reduced, making our silver needle tea the best quality.


For half an hour, the buds are taken into a low-temperature smoldering fire of between 30-40 degrees Celsius/ 67-88 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce moisture further before packaging.


We sift the buds to remove long stems. But before that they are re-heated and the moisture drops by a further 4-5%. It is then packaged immediately. This ensures that evaporating moisture gets reabsorbed by the buds in effect cooling them down.

That is how we process and give you the best quality silver needle tea.


Brewing silver needle tea is quite easy. You need to take into account the water temperature and the time for steeping while brewing our silver needle tea. The water temperature should be between 167-176 degrees Fahrenheit/75-80 degrees Celsius. It is perfectly brewed when the colour turns a pale-yellow with a sweet taste and floating hairs in the brew.


We pride ourself on growing and processing silver needle tea that has numerous health benefits.

1. It is a stress-reliever

Silver Needle Tea contains Theamine, an amino acid that is associated with relieving stress especially after a long day at work.

2. Helps you loose weight

Taking silver needle tea increases metabolism rate thereby burning fat and helping in weight loss.

3.Full of beneficial antioxidants

When it comes to antioxidants, silver needle tea stands at par with the famed green tea. As we lightly process it, it contains catechins which help do away with free radicals that have been blamed for a condition such as heart problems.

4. Potential help for diabetics

And though the research is still ongoing, researchers have found that consumption of silver needle tea has potential to regulate blood sugar by reducing blood glucose.

There are some primary competitive advantages of our company's silver needle tea:

1. Directly from our tea farm and good service;

2. Certificate: Organic-certified and EU conventional;

3. Quality Control: Experienced QC Team always strictly check the products before packing, ensure to deliver the high-quality products to clients;

4. Logo and Package: OEM & ODM package and customized logo; 

5. Packaging: Bag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack;

6. Company Information: 10 years tea exports experience;

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Гуанчжоуская компания Runming Tea специализируется на производстве и экспортирует Органически сертифицированные чаи EU & USDA, чайные блюда китайской специализированной китайской кухни и специальные китайские Kongfu teawares .

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