TP-031 Organic White Tea Powder


White Tea Powder

Standard: USDA/EU Standard

Origin: Zhejiang Province


White Tea, History, Production and Benefits

White tea powder refers to a traditional Chinese tea produced through a special process including oxidation and withering under the sun before twisting and curling. Produced mainly in Guangdong,Zhejiang & Fujian,this tea has distinctive and unique characteristics.

The history and legend of the tea

It's believed that during the Tang dynasty,a Fujian tea farmer was on a tea picking mission when he saw a passing deer. He instantly left what he was doing to pursue the deer. It was not until the next day when he came back to continue with what he was doing. However, during this time the edges of the tea had oxidized and were producing a very nice aroma. He was so surprised that the tea had a completely new sweet strange aroma. He decided to name the white tea .

With a history stretching to more than 200 years,white tea powder was first produced in the Fujian province. In the early 19t century, the British ambassador dedicated some tea to the queen of England who was surprised by the unique aroma and taste of the tea as well as its unique appearance. This was very much different to any other tea produced in England before. As a slightly oxidized tea, this powder has an aroma and taste that lies in between the black tea and green tea. Depending on the degree of oxidation, individual type of oolong tea ranges from green tea to black tea.

Production flow

Best picked by hand during the winter or spring months, the first thing to do is to oxidize them. As compared to other types of tea, white tea powder has one of the most time consuming and difficult processing method. Instead of picking the leaves early, they are supposed to be picked when they have reached their peak. First, they are withered under direct sunlight and then gently shaken in baskets to bruise the ages of the leaves. Next, they are dried under the shade until they start turning slightly yellow.

This process is usually repeated a number of times. Depending on the type of wulong tea powder, the oxidation process may vary from one tea to another. Once the desired level has been reached the leaves are pan-fired so as to prevent any more oxidation. Due to the higher temperatures, they don’t have a lot of moisture.

Brewing tips

What you need
· Kettle.
· Thermometer.
· Measuring spoon.
· Cup or teapot.
· Teacup for serving.
· Timer.


1. Heat the water in a kettle to 180F to 200F.
2. Pre-warm the cup or the teapot.
3. Measure 2 teaspoons of Oolong tea.
4. Place the leaves in the cup or the teapot.
5. Pour the water.
6. Cover the teapot.
7. Steep the tea for about 5 minutes.
8. Remove the leaves and then pour the tea through a strainer.

How to store?

You need to store white tea in an airtight room away from the light and the air. Since it's very good at absorbing moisture, you need to avoid storing it near anything that's smelly. If stored well white tea powder can last for a very long time.

Health benefits 

1. It's known to reduce the cholesterol levels.
2. Oolong tea contains polyphenols that can help combat the free radicals in the body.
3. It contains antioxidants that fight any type of bacterial infection in the body.
4. The polyphenols also have a lot of benefits to the skin.
5. Studies have shown that eczema patients who combine drinking 3 cups of oolong tea daily along with other treatment may experience more relief.
6. Drinking oolong tea also helps to relieve stress and maintain focus.
7. Regular drinking of the tea diminishes wrinkles and improves the elasticity and the tone of the skin.
8. It can also help promote a shiny and healthy hair.

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