OYC-002 Premium Medium-Roasted Big Red Robe Rock Tea


Wuyi Rock Tea

Item Code: OYC-002

Origin: Fujian,China 

MOQ: 20 KG

This is a type of oolong tea which is grown in Wuyi Mountain in China Fujian province. This tea has a unique individual flavor that is completely not produced in any other area due to the mineral content found in the soil. The tea taste falls between the black and green tea. This is because the wuyi rock tea fermentation level ranges between that of fully fermented black tea and non-fermented green. The floral aroma makes this tea to be unique. To grasp the amazing taste of wuyi rock tea, make sure you have tasted it and you have a great experience with this tea.

Wuyi Rock Tea Making Process 

The Oolong tea has various processing steps:

1. Withering

After leaves are picked, are spread out to soften the leaves cell walls. The moisture is then evaporated and leaves softened. Then natural enzymatic fermentation begins. This also helps in reducing the grassy taste of the tea.

2. Tossing/Bruising

This is done to break down the leaves. It mixes chemical elements from leaves and stems, therefore balancing the flavor and removing bitterness. It also improves oxidation.

3. Oxidization (full and partial)

They continue the natural fermentation by resting the leaves after withering and tossing. At this leaves may change color to red color or even darker green. Still at this is where tea develops its fruity taste.

4. Kill green (fixing)

This stops growing processes and fermentation without breaking the leaves. Techniques like steaming the leaves, baking and hand pressing are put in place.

5. Rolling/Forming

Leaves are slightly broken by passing through hot/cold rollers which intensifies tea color and the leaves shape establishment.

6. Drying

Stops mold growth and fermentation, then produces the leaves final moisture contents. Moreover also removes grassy leaf taste and development of the tea's aroma. In this process, pan heating, sun drying methods are put in place.

7. Firing

In order to give it a smoky flavor, or fruity characteristics, they are roasted with various methods like use of pan, electric heat, or basket with charcoal.

Brewing Tips

• First, boil less than five ounces of water to 100 degrees for steeping

• Measure one part of the tea to four parts water. For example, when having 4 ounces of water, measure out one ounce of tea (about 5-6 teaspoons)

• Steep the tea in a small teapot. This is because of the concentration and the short infusion time needed.

• Steep for approximate 30-45 minutes. 

• Serve the tea in a cup and drink.

Storage Methods

This tea should be kept in a dry place. This can be either in airtight container or refrigerator. Refrigeration is more recommended as it improves the tea taste and makes it last much longer. If refrigeration is used, it should be continuous since that cooling and warming will degrade it.

Health Benefits

This tea has various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, caffeine among other useful components. All these components make it posses more health benefits,including as follow:

Weight Loss and Digestive

Drinking Wuyi Tea every day will help with slow digestion, indigestion, and bowel problems also in constipation. Caffeine helps in breaking down food faster, reducing stomach pains and acid reflux. 

Polyphenols stimulate enzymes that burn fat. This will help in losing weight.

Immune System Booster

Full of vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, Wuyi Rock Tea helps in boosting the immune system. This will help in reducing disease and disease recovery. 

Relaxation and Stimulation

This tea helps in relaxation and stimulation because it contains caffeine and L-thiamine among others

Prevention of Heart Disease

It contains antioxidants that help to prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Fighting radicals

Natural antioxidants, prevent various diseases from starting. They detoxify your body of the unwanted toxins that are the source of the diseases.

Also may help in fighting free radicals and other harmful elements which may invade your body due to daily stress and environmental pollution.


The Wuyi Rock tea is of very vital benefits to your health when you drink a cup of it every day. This will make sure your body is always in a good health. We recommend you to be taking this tea daily. The other thing to note is that we are the leading suppliers of this tea. So wherever you are you can order your and we will make sure it's delivered to your doorstep.

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