OMT-001 Imperial Milk Oolong Tea


Milk Oolong

Item Code: OMT-001

Origin: Fujian, China 

MOQ: 20 KG 

Milk Oolong is a moderately new cultivar in the delicious world of Taiwanese teas and is prized for its characteristic cream and butter notes. Lower quality variants have these notes upgraded through aromatization but the finest, genuine milk oolongs offer daintily broiled, moved leaves that yield a light-bodied glass with sweet buttery surface and sensitive flower aroma. Likewise called Jin Xuan or Golden Lily, it is perfect for numerous implantations and a devoted Yixing teapot. 
Milk Oolong Jin Xuan is a great tea drink with an extremely gentle and a sensitive milky flavor. 

How is milk oolong made? 

The tea goes through a few persistent creation forms. So as to get an astounding taste and recuperating quality, it is essential to know the innovation consummately, to watch certain conditions and to invest a great deal of energy in tea delivering. 

Leaves are gathered in fall and springtime. Tea ranches are situated in the mountains, and taste of the tea relies upon elevation of the tea manor. Amid harvest time and spring, leaves turn into the beefiest and solid because of sun and morning fogs. Crude leaves are reaped physically, ranchers gather the best leaves with one bud. Milk Oolong Jin Xuan from Taiwan achieves the coveted taste normally with no aromatization, just because of the generation process. 

As indicated by innovation created numerous hundreds of years back, oolong goes through a few phases: 
• Withering. 
• Fermentation. 
• Oxidation. 
• Twisting. 
• Sorting. 
• Final singing. 

The gathered raw tea leaves quickly go into processing. It is scattered on the covering so the leaves are shriveled. Agriculturists give careful consideration that the wilting procedure passes uniformly, all leaves should be warmed equivalent. After the leaves have achieved the coveted consistency, they are shaken, getting ready for aging. 

Raw materials are laid out in a thick layer in a cool and damp room and left overnight. This is essential so as to begin maturation of cell sap. At this phase of creation, tea is loaded with its stunning aroma, leaves are changing (in the center the leaf stays green, and at the edges, it turns red). 
Oxidation comprises in numerous searing of leaves at different temperatures. To start with, the fricasseeing is done to remove dampness, at that point passes the treatment with hot air to convey the crude material to the window ornament consistency. 

The leaves are set in an exceptional machine, where they are turned into the balls. As the crude tea can contain tea leaves with cuttings, tea is arranged, picking off the useless components. The last fricasseeing is done at a temperature of 100C. 
This type of oolong has a fragile aroma, so store the tea in a firmly shut holder, ideally porcelain or glass. For delayed capacity, it is important to utilize a fridge. 

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea 
Manages Weight 
The polyphenolic compound found in oolong tea is extremely successful in controlling the digestion of the fat in the body and diminishing corpulence. It initiates certain chemicals, along these lines upgrading the elements of fat cells in the body and a day by day utilization of this tea can lessen stoutness. 

Removes Harmful Free Radicals 
The polyphenolic compound in oolong tea is additionally in charge of the evacuation of free radicals in our body since it works as a cancer prevention agent and animates the conduct of these mixes in the body. 

Prevents Ovarian Cancer 
Oolong tea is rich in hostile to disease properties. Also, drinking it helps to significantly bring down the danger of creating ovarian disease in ladies. 

Skin Care
As per scientific examinations, patients determined to have skin inflammation can profit by drinking some oolong tea for the duration of the day. The useful aftereffects of this tea could be seen in under seven days in these patients who will demonstrate a striking change in recuperating from skin issues. 

Treats Atopic Dermatitis 
In spite of the fact that the dynamic component has not been pinpointed precisely, many trusts that the polyphenols display in oolong tea likewise fill in as against allergenic mixes, along these lines calming aggravation and interminable skin issues, known as atopic dermatitis. 

Improves Bone Health 
The cell reinforcements show in oolong tea ensure teeth against rot, fortify the bone structure, anticipate osteoporosis, and advance typical, healthy development of the human body 

Controls Diabetes 
Oolong tea is utilized as a natural mix for treating compose 2 diabetic issue and as an expansion to other supplementary medications for treating the infection. It controls the measurement of glucose and insulin in the circulatory system, so the perilous plunges and spikes in glucose that can be lamentable for diabetic patients are lessened. 

Prevents Cancer 
Tea consumers have a lower danger of getting a skin disease. Additionally, the polyphenolic compound in oolong tea advances apoptosis if there should arise an occurrence of dangerous cell development in the stomach. 

Manages Stress 
In a little investigation directed at the Osaka Institute for Health Care Science in Japan, the trial mice in which milk oolong tea was ingested, demonstrated a noteworthy change in the feelings of anxiety by 10 to 18 %. The normal polyphenols in oolong tea were referred to as its primary driver being a pressure buster. 

Improves Mental Health 
Health advantages of oolong tea incorporate enhanced mental execution and sharpness. General admission of caffeine-rich oolong tea may help in enhancing mental execution and keeping up readiness for the duration of the day.


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