ODC-005 Mt Wudong Song Variety Mi Lan Xiang Dancong Oolong


Dan Cong Oolong

Item Code: ODC-005

Origin: Guangdong, China 

MOQ: 20 KG   


Dan cong oolong tea is a rare unerringly fruity tea that has a sweet-smelling aroma of honeysuckle and orchids. Besides, it is smoothly refined to produce a wide range of lovely flavors that include fresh cinnamon, almonds, sweet apricots, and mango. However, it takes a seasoned hand to produce a high-grade cup of this lovely tea. 

What is dan cong oolong?

The origin of this rare tea dates back to approximately 900 years when it was discovered in Phoenix mountain of Guangdong Province, China. The term “Dan Cong” is a Chinese word that means independent bush as the tea is plucked from a single plant produced tea bush grown on Phoenix Mountains. It is a highly valued tea and as per the legend captured in the song dynasty, the tea saved Zhao Bing emperor when he chewed the leaves to quench his thirst after getting lost in the mountains.  It has broad dark green leaves that are rolled into long curly leaves or wrap-curled leaves during processing. You will be surprised to note that there are many flavors that come with this tea as the tree bushes themselves because each is cultivated uniquely. 

 2. Making process 

Dan cong oolong tea undergoes different making stages before being served as sweet and flavored tea. These stages include:


The tea is processed to produce high valued flavored tea. After the tea is harvested it is spread on a bamboo mat to a thickness of approximately 10cm. Thereafter the tea is withered on weak sunshine, preferably late in the evening. In order to achieve even withering, the tea is spread to a depth of 3cm ensuring that they do not overlap. You would need to wither until the buds bend, leaves become soft and emit green note, and finally turns dull and dark.


Cooling is done in an indoor environment for about 1-2 hours. This stage is seen as an extension of the withering stage. The stage is critical in controlling the moisture content in the leaves as well as enhancing the by-product of hydrolysis taking place in the leaves. It also promotes the activity of polyphenol enzymes that control the flavor of the final product. 


This is a highly controlled process that allows the cell wall of the leaves to be damaged allowing polyphenol enzyme to effectively react with the substrate.  This stage is important as to determine color, taste, and flavor of the final product. The process occurs under atmospheric pressure of 75 to 85% air moisture content. This is done with a temperature of 22-28 degrees centigrade for 12 hours. This is preferably done overnight. The staged is marked by several stages involving shaking the tea so as to effectively ferment. The fermentation process should result in:

· Edge of the leaves turning red with center remaining green. 

· The veins of the tea leaves become translucent

· Leaves assume a curved shape like that of a teaspoon

· Formation of a fruity or flowery fragrance

Pan frying and rolling 

The tea is pan-fried twice at 140 – 160 degree C and 100 – 120 degree C. The first stage involves denaturing the enzymes while the second stage involves stabilizing the flavor. After the second stage, the tea should emit a fruity flavor. Roll the leaves using your hand gently. 


Drying is done in two stages. The first stage involves the use of bamboo basket heated with charcoal at  80-90 degree C. The second drying is done at a temperature of 50-60 degree C. By this stage the remaining moisture content should be 5%. 

3. Brewing tips

Dan cong tea requires extra care so as not make the tea bitter. Here are some tips on how to brew the tea.

· Boil clean water free from minerals and pour on a gaiwan then to pitcher and cups so as to warm them

· Fill a gaiwan with hot tea leafs and pour boiling water and pour the mixture into a pitcher

· Cover and let it brew for 30 seconds to a minute in the gaiwan 

· Pour it into a cup and take a sip.

· Repeat if you want a stronger flavor. 

4. Store methods

Store the tea in a cool and dry place. Remember to finish up a package within a period of three months once opened. Avoid storing the tea in enclosed places like cupboards as they may gather moisture. 

5. Health benefits

The tea has antioxidants that will help you fight chronic diseases such as cancer and enhance the proper functioning of the cardiovascular.  Dan cong oolong tea also helps in reducing the level of stress. 

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