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Green Tea Matcha

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Green Tea Matcha

Everything You Need to Know About Green Tea Matcha. 

Green tea matcha is a finely and stone ground powder obtained from green tea leaves which are grown in a special way and processed. Its origin is Japan where its growth and production is highest. The tea's popularity continues to grow due to its wide application and great health benefits which beat other types of green tea.

Process Of Green Tea Matcha

Preparation of the tea starts a couple of weeks before harvest time and can take around 20 days. The best tea bushes in the field are covered to block direct sunlight. This increases the level of chlorophyll shown by a darker green color that the leaves gain and also slows their growth. The finest buds are then hand-picked and laid horizontally where they crumble and become 'tencha'.

The next step is to remove both the stem and the vein and its ground using a stone to the fine, bright green powder. Grinding should be slow since the millstones should not become too warm which can alter the aroma of the leaves. The leaves are not strained out hence the powder contains them wholly. The flavor of the powder is dominated by amino acids in the leaves.

Application Of Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha has developed a lot of use over the years. The main areas are:

1. Used as a flavor of chocolates, desserts such as pastries and cakes as well as candy.

2. It is mixed with sugar and milk as a drink.

3. Dying foods such as green tea ice cream and mochi and soba noodles.

4. It is mixed with salt and used to flavor tempura in making of a mixture known as match-jio. 

Health Benefits Of Green Tea Matcha

This powder has a basketful of benefits to you who decides to take a cup. In fact, its cup nutritional value corresponds to 10 cups the value of regular green tea. These benefits are:

1. Antioxidants. These are a body's defense agents which prevent chronic diseases and aging. One of these antioxidants is EGCg which is known to support skin health by reduction of inflammation and set free agents that accelerate aging.

2. Weight loss. Green Tea Matcha increases the rate your body burns the stored fat as energy which boosts metabolism and also burns calories. This is the main feature of weight loss.

3. Brain power. The powder enhances alpha brain waves which boost mood as well as increase focus and concentration. In addition, it calms the mind and helps your body to relax.

4. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body. This improves your heart's condition, lowers blood pressure and also reduce chances of a stroke.

5. Source for vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These are nutritional values that your body requires.

6. The powder is rich also rich in chlorophyll and fiber. Chlorophyll helps the body remove heavy metals and any other harmful material that may build up in your body. 

Matcha has proven through its many benefits and uses that its one of a kind. It beats the regular green tea with a big gap in what it offers your body. Although it is said to have a disadvantage of lead components in it, the advantages surpass and only expectant mothers and lactating ones are advised to avoid it. If you want to take your cup, be sure to contact or visit us. We are the professional supplier of Green Tea Matcha. Choose us, maybe that's a good choice for you, welcome your inquiry.


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