JT-003 Spring First Grade Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea


Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

Item Code: JT-003

Standard: CN Standard

Origin: Fujian, China

Shape: Ball shape 

MOQ: 20 KG

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea 

For many years, we have been offering high-quality jasmine dragon pearl tea. We absolutely guarantee you premium quality tea at an affordable price you are not likely to find elsewhere.

What Is Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea?

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is perfumy and hand rolled tea originating from Fujian province, China. The dragon tea is majestically unfurled when added hot water thus releasing flavor and delicate scent. The tea is sugary and sweet. The soft and airy feel of the tea leaves is another unique attribute of the tea. Younger leaves tend to releases stronger fragrant flavor. The beautiful green leaves are normally hand rolled and then placed stored to enhance on the fragrance beneath the August jasmine bloom.

Characteristic Of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

The pearl tea is exquisite visual and boasts of magnificent taste that makes it stand out from the market. The tea is slightly sweet and has the fresh flavor. The leaves are darker and richer in green color.


This tea is classified according to the scent. There is a weak, medium and strong scent.


Processing Jasmine dragon pearl tea is not an uphill task. The process entails intensive manual process in order to obtain the beverage. The green tea is normally processed during the early spring and then kept until the next flowering season. The scenting process entails care to preserve the flowers in order to get the divine fragrance. The process is undertaken using a steamer or drum at 260 degrees. This stage helps in inactivating oxidative enzymes such as polyphenol oxidase (PPO) using heat. The high temperature makes the leaves to heat up very fast. The process will prevent the leaves from turning red which results from enzymatic functions. The high temperature promotes the vaporization of the flavor fresh leaves. The leaves will become fresher once they have lost the water. The leaves are expected to form the right shape in the subsequent rolling steps. Upon softening, the leaves are dried using a machine to remove the moisture before being spread to enable them to cool down. Thereafter, the leaves can be rolled into different shapes and dried once more before they are scented.

Benefit Health Of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

Jasmine pearl tea comes with many health benefits that make it worth considering. Some of the benefits include but not limited to the following.

1.Cardiovascular benefits

The tea contains antioxidants that protect your body from different environment toxins and free radicals. The tea also lowers the level of cholesterol as well as raises the high-density lipoprotein.

2.Anti-cancer benefits 

Pearl tea helps in preventing different forms of cancer. The tea can be used to prevent prostate, skin, stomach, ovarian and breast and esophageal among other forms. Individuals who consume dragon pearl tea are less likely to suffer from different forms of cancer. The tea boosts your level of metabolism and burns more fats. 

3.Alertness and attention

Green tea, which is used in making Jasmine Dragon, is derived from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. The tea is a source of caffeine that promotes attention and alertness. The tea is used in India and China for medicinal purposes.

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