HTE-005 EU Standard Guangxi Stick Shape Jiaogulan Tea


Jiaogulan tea

Item Code: HTE-005

Standard: EU Standard

Origin: Guangxi, China

MOQ: 20 KG

Where to buy jiaogulan tea?

Maybe Runming Tea Company is a not bad choice for every tea buyer.

First, Runming Tea company has jiaogulan tea plantation base to manufacture jiaogulan tea ! 

Second, many years experience of exporting jiaogulan tea to European countries and North America. 

Third, we have preliminary factories to pick tea stem out.

Why we develop jiaogulan tea plantation?

Jiaogulan tea is obtained from the leaves of a wild plant native to China, and other parts of South East Asia such as Thailand and its botanical name is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. In China, it is commonly referred to as the “herb of Immortality” because of its supposed ability to prolong human life. Some people call it Southern Ginseng for two reasons. Besides growing in South Central China, its application is similar to ginseng – even though the chemical composition of the two herbs differs. The scientists had not given attention to Jiaogulan tea until the period between the late 1960s and the early 1970s. The sudden regard for Jiaogulan started when it was noted that the lifespan of people living in a specific Chinese Province was significantly higher than that of other people in other provinces. Soon enough, the researchers discovered (the study was conducted by the Chinese government) that the consumption of Jiaogulan tea by the locals was higher than in other provinces. This was the beginning point of diligent research on the various aspects of Jiaogulan Tea. In recent years, we have developed our own jiaogulan tea plantation in Guangxi province, China. And directly wholesale jiaogulan tea from our jiaogulan plantation base to our clients. So we have a very professional understanding of Gynostemma pentaphyllum tea and our company has many years of export experience in the European countries North America.

Nutritional facts of Jiaogulan tea

100 grams serving of Jiaogulan tea contains 91 calories broken down as follows: 11% fat , 28% carbs, 61% protein 

What are the jiaogulan benefits?

You stand to gain the following just by drinking Jiaogulan tea.

1. It boosts cardiovascular health

When used alongside other herbs, Jiaogulan tea is said to improve the cardiovascular system significantly. Besides reducing the heart rate without influencing arterial pressure, Jiaogulan also increases the capacity of the heart, cardiac output, as well as coronary flow. Jiaogulan tea also helps to strike a balance between bad and good cholesterol.

2. It impedes growth of cancer cells

Jiaogulan tea has shown to discourage the growth of cancer cells partially because it contains substantial antioxidant properties. Jiaogulan tea is also known to boost the production of “T” killer which comes in handy in the prevention of esophagus, lung, prostate, breast, skin, brain and kidney cancer.

3. It protects and improves the immune system

The beneficial effects of Jiaogulan tea on the immune system are attributed to its high powered antioxidant properties, and its ability to balance the production of Nitric Oxide.

4. It protects and toughens the nervous system

Jiaogulan tea protects and improves the function of both the peripheral and central nervous systems – thanks to its powerful antioxidants effects as well as the capacity to regulate the production of Nitric Oxide. Note that Nitric Oxide plays a vital role in learning and memory by assisting communication between the nerve cells in the brain. It is a useful component in the release of neurotransmitter, neural growth, and regeneration, the plasticity of the synaptic, and control of gene expression.

5. It acts as an anti-anxiety and anti-stress

Since it is an adaptogen, Jiaogulan tea will help you get rid of both mental and physical stress. Also, the significant anxiolytic effect of Jiaogulan tea will put your anxiety to rest by bringing your dopamine and serotonin (hormones responsible for your moods) levels to normalcy.

Other health benefits of choosing jiaogulan tea include:

6. Assists in weight loss

7. Keeps your liver protected

8. Keeps your body free of toxins

9. Protects and enhances the functionality of your kidney

10. Helps your body to fight off respiratory problems and also supports the lung function

Application of Jiaogulan Tea - Jiaogulan capsules 

Jiaogulan tea is called immortality herb, in order to make good use of jiao gu lan tea. There are jiaogulan capsules sold in market. In order to meet customer needs, we also manufacture jiaogulan capsules for our clients.

The advantages of our jiaogulan tea:


Гуанчжоуский чай Runming имеет команды опытных, опытных специалистов по продажам с более 10 лет опыта в чае и экспорте.

Наша команда продаж может предоставить знания о профессиональных продуктах чая , глубокий анализ рынка, рекомендации по продаже горячих продуктов, пакетные решения, уведомления о новых продуктах и ​​полное послепродажное обслуживание, такие как видео упаковки продуктов и своевременное обновление логистического уведомления и т. д.


jiaogulan tea certificate


Гуанчжоуская компания Runming Tea специализируется на производстве и экспортирует Органически сертифицированные чаи EU & USDA, чайные блюда китайской специализированной китайской кухни и специальные китайские Kongfu teawares .

Имея наши собственные плантации чайных плантаций и предварительные заводы в известных чайных районах Китая, мы строго контролируем за каждый процесс приготовления чая, чтобы гарантировать качество качества, вкуса, аромата и внешнего вида Maocha .

Кроме того, мы также имеем собственную высокую санитарию , прослеживаемый чай изысканной фабрики в Гуанчжоу, включая упаковку упаковки , цех OEM OEM-магазина пирамиды, мастерскую Matcha To Go OEM, и т. д. Для здоровья человека мы всегда выступаем за отношение к органической жизни и посвящаем себя пропагандистом и лидером органических чаев.


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