BTEG-001 Earl Grey Black Tea


Earl Grey Black Tea 

Earl Grey tea is a tea blend which has been flavoured with the addition of oil of bergamot and bergamot.

Item Code: BTEG-001

MOQ: 20 KG

Do you love taking black tea? Well, have you ever sipped or heard of earl grey black tea? Earl Grey black tea is a flavored tea with a distinct flavor that results from blending the black tea with bergamot orange oil. It has a unique sophisticated citrus flavor with a spicy aroma which makes the taste pleasant i.e. a mixture of sweet, sour, bitter and floral flavor. This black tea contains herbs, spices, and flowers that are used to blend it. 

Traditionally, it's a British tea that was associated with certain high-class individuals. This black tea was named after British Prime Minister Charles Grey (1830's). There are claims that; a Chinese tea master blended this tea for the former British PM as a gift. According to Grey's family, the Chinese tea master used to offset well's water lime flavor using bergamot. The well was situated at Grey's estate. The tea later became common with London society. Grey later asked London tea merchants to recreate it.

The following are steps on how to brew earl grey black tea.

i. Pre-warm the teapot and cup to be used. This is carried out by pouring hot water into the pot and cup, then leaving for some minutes before discarding.

ii. For each cup of hot water (around 93 degrees), use approximately 1 teaspoon of tea leaves.

iii. Steep in near boiling or boiling water for around 4 to 5 minutes. Ensure the tea is covered as it steeps to prevent the steeping vessel from losing heat.

iv. Taste your tea after the time elapses. Decide on whether to steep longer or not. 

v. Remove the tea leaves or bag. 

vi. Serve in a cup and enjoy.

The following are the major health benefit of earl grey black tea

i. Prevent heart diseases

The bergamot in this tea is effective in lowering cholesterol. The bergamot also contains enzymes (hydroxy methyl glutaryl flavonones ) which denatures proteins that cause heart diseases. 

ii. Boosts oral health

The tea contains high levels of an antioxidant (catechin) that fights oral infections. It also has fluorides that prevent teeth cavities.

iii. Enhances immunity

It improves the functioning of immune system. The antioxidants in bergamot oil and black tea destroy free radicals which cause bodily harm. The antioxidants fight against flu and influenza etc.

iv. Aids digestion

It's effective in relieving nausea, and constipation. It also reduces worms and intestinal infection.

v. Boosts energy

With the concentration of caffeine, it improves energy levels. The caffeine improves blood flow to the brain. This stimulates metabolism and respiratory system which enhance energy levels.

vi. Lowers stress

The caffeine levels and amino acid (L-theanine) reduces stress hormone (cortisol) enabling the tea to have a stress-relieving effect.

vii. Encourage weight loss

It has citrus ingredients that increase metabolic processes in the body resulting in rapid energy consumption. This results in weight loss. 

viii. Fights depression and anxiety

Earl Grey tea has natural aromatherapy properties. The bergamot has a calming effect and is capable of boosting your mood.

ix. Cancer prevention

This tea contains high levels of antioxidants which help the body fight free radicals. The free radicals cause diseases such as cancer. 

It's evident that this black tea doesn't just have the unrivaled flavor, it has numerous health benefits which will enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through the years, we have managed to improve the quality of this black tea. A sip of our earl grey tea will make you realize why it is a popular beverage and you should never miss its daily sips. We have also managed to supply this great beverage all over. Enjoy a cup of this tea and you'll never forget the experience of each sip.

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