DT-001 Body Cleanse Tea


Body Cleanse Tea

Item Code: DT-001

Ingredients: rooibos leaf, green tea leaf, oolong leaf, ginger root, pomegranate, guarana seed extract, matcha green tea, Garcinia Cambogia 


Is there a way of actually cleansing the body? 

One may ask. There are a couple of body cleaning techniques that have both medical and scientific back upon them Among them is the tea detoxicating which has worked for many. What is body cleanse tea? According to experts cleansing tea is herbal which is used for detox cleanses, liver cleanses, colon cleanses, and fast weight loss metabolism boosters. Now, these herbs are used for modern problems such and they get rid of toxins in our systems. 

Is body cleansing for real?

Body detox or body cleansing is a trending topic of discussion in the healthcare industry. People consider body cleansing for various reasons. Some opt for this process before starting or restarting workout regimen, some opt for detox to get over drinking problems while some try detoxing to lose weight. One of the most popular ways of body detox is by consuming body cleanse tea.

Does the body cleanse tea regimen really cleanse?

If you want to detox your body without giving up on your normal food, body cleanse tea is the best option. Most bodies cleanse teas contain herbs which enhance the functioning of the liver which is the detoxifying organ of our body. They restore its health and improve its functionality.

This is due to the special formula that has been used in the making of the tea. Some of the main components of the tea are; 

1. Guarana Seed

Paullinia Cupana, commonly known as guarana seed has for generations been known for its healing properties, it has also been incorporated in the weight loss business. It has been said to have caffeine properties and is so added to coffee and other soft drinks. When added to teas it gives both the weight loss advantage and the taste of the tea.

2. Pomegranate seed

With a very low fat composition of up to 1.2 grams, the pomegranate seeds are gotten from a pomegranate fruit. Though the pomegranate seed has been used mainly to make juice it has now been incorporated into the body cleansing group since it has a very high nutrition value while holding a low-fat level.

3. Garcinia Cambogia 

It is a native Indonesian fruit which has made its mark in the health industry as it has been used in the making of many health products. Among them is a detoxification which has basic cleansing properties and is a natural weight loss remedy since it is from a fruit. You should, however, be advised of its strenuous effect on the liver. It is however found safe to use while combined with other products

4. Matcha

Matcha is a product of green, ground tea leaves. While making detoxicating tea, this is the basic component that actually makes it- the tea. Made form young, natural and healthy tea leaves Matcha can assure you of high tea content.

5. Ginger roots

Ginger is a household name and probably one of the commonly available components of the tea. Ginger is a spice used in foods and has healing properties and hence incorporated into the beverages. It contains a high level of magnesium and vitamin c. 

6. Rooibos seed

Rooibos is used to make rooibos tea also known as bush tea. This indigenous plant from South-Africa has a high nutrient content and detoxification power. It also doubles as a medicine for cure headaches, hypertension, asthma, insomnia, eczema, allergies, bone weakness, and premature aging.

With the above natural herbal components, you can make a healthy detox tea and work your way towards an intoxicant-free life and a perfect body size.

But if you think a cup of body cleanse tea will miraculously give you flat belly overnight, then you’re wrong. You have to regularly consume these teas to get best results. Also, this kind of tea regimen should be for a certain duration of time only and you need to eat healthily and cut on processed food during that time. To maintain the results, you have to continue with the healthy diet. Again healthy diet does not mean starving but eating whole food and not junk.

Tea cleanses do work but the effects are limited to removal of toxins and preparing your body for a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you think to deprive yourself of solid food and sipping tea all day will cleanse your body and make you look thinner and healthier, then that’s wrong. Grab a bowl of healthy food, sip a cup of body cleanse tea and let the detox begin!


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