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Flavored Matcha Tea Powder

Flavored matcha tea powder is hot selling in Europe. Mainly flavors have strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, peach, banana, mango, Guava, pineapple, lychee.

Standard: EU Standard

Origin: Zhejiang province


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Matcha Tea Powder

Why matcha tea powder is the ultimate superfood you can't afford to live without green tea has gained a lot of popularity especially amongst the ladies. This is because green tea is not only a refreshing beverage but it also has been proven to have a host of health benefits. It is one of the leading green tea brands in the market right now. Matcha tea powder is an antioxidant, mood enhancing powerhouse which originates from Japan. 

Matcha has been grown and harvested in Japan for hundreds of years. It has always been grown and ground using traditional means to give it a unique taste that you won’t get anywhere else. Matcha Tea Powder can be used both as tea and in recipes. We are the professional suppliers of original high-quality Matcha Tea Powder from Japan. 

Matcha Tea Powder comes in 4 different grades that have different tastes, quality, methods of preparation, and price. The matcha tea ceremony grade tea has a delicate and sweet flavor that is astringent on the palate. It is perfect for blending in smoothies, power drinks and desserts with cream and sugar. The Café grade tea is less astringent and can also be blended with various beverages. The classic grade matcha is made from leaves harvested in the early hours of the morning to give it a distinct bitter note that makes it a hit with whisked tea lovers. The ceremony grade matcha is the best grade as it is rich in amino acids to give it a complex vegetal and creamy taste. It is also perfect for preparing a whisked bowl of tea. Its delicate and sweet taste is accompanied by a sweet aroma that will have you yearning for more.

You need a few items to help you prepare the perfect beverage using matcha tea powder: a whisk, bowl, scoop, milk frothier, sifter, and a shaker. Use the bamboo whisk to vigorously whisk some sifted Matcha in a bowl while adding hot water. You can also use various recipes to spice up your favorite drinks and dishes using Matcha. You can also try adding matcha to various cocktails, yogurts, ice cream, and more. 

Apart from its refreshing taste, there are numerous health benefits you get from drinking Matcha Tea Powder regularly. Every sip of Matcha Tea Powder has a mega dose of antioxidants than any other superfood. Matcha is ten times better than brewed green tea in providing antioxidants to the body. This helps boost the immune system to help you prevent aging and chronic illnesses. Matcha Tea Powder also helps in reducing weight faster. Drinking Matcha tea regularly promotes thermogenesis and helps the body burn fats faster. People struggling with weight problems finally have an exciting, healthy way of losing some fat. 

Matcha tea is also rich in L-Theanine which helps in concentration and relaxes the mind. This tea is perfect for people who meditate regularly. Matcha Tea Powder is also gluten and calories free.

There are many benefits of having Matcha Tea Powder in your kitchen cabinet. Get in touch with us if you want to purchase any of the matcha tea powder grades that suits you best. Once you go matcha, you'll never go back!

Finally, there are some primary competitive advantages of our company's Matcha Tea Powder:

1. We have our own matcha plantation base, which has a competitive price, for bigger quantity, the price can be more lowered;

2. Certificate: EU/USDA organic-certified by CERES;

3. Quality Control: Eurofins COA & Heavy metal test; Experienced QC Team will strictly check the products before packing, ensure to deliver the high-quality products to clients; Below -10℃degree freeze storage;

4. Logo and Package: OEM & ODM package and customized logo; 

5. Company Information: 10 years tea export experience;

we are the professional supplier of Matcha Tea Powder. Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are glad to give you best price. Welcome your inquiry.


Guangzhou Runming Tea has teams of skillful, experienced sales staff with over 10 years experience in tea and exporting.

Our sales team can provide professional tea product knowledge of introduction, profound market analysis, hot-selling products recommendation, package solutions, new products notices, and complete after-sales service such as videos of packing products and timely updating logistics notice, etc.


CERES Certificate : EU/USDA Standard

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Guangzhou Runming Tea Company focuses on manufacturing and exporting EU&USDA organic-certified teas, EU standard Chinese speciality teas and special Chinese Kongfu teawares.

Having our own tea plantation bases and preliminary factories in the famous tea-growing areas in China, we strictly control over every tea-making process to guarantee our Maocha’s quality, taste, aroma & appearance.

Besides, we also have our own high sanitation, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including the packing workshop, pyramid tea bag OEM workshop, Matcha To Go OEM workshop, etc. For the health of human, we always advocate organic life attitude, and devote to be the advocator and leader of organic teas.

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