How to Choose a Good Jasmine Dragon Pearl Supplier


Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a popular variety of jasmine tea in China and around the world, known for its taste and aroma. However, many foreign customers who choose Jasmine Dragon Pearl based on price comparisons and taste may not realize that the quality of the tea they purchase may not meet their customers’ expectations due to several hidden reasons.

1. One reason is the poor original processing environment for Jasmine Dragon Pearl. Many small workshops in China do not have strict requirements for the processing environment of the tea and do not follow standard food processing procedures, let alone comply with international standards such as ISO22000 and HACCP. Instead, they distribute the loose tea leaves to different farmers for processing and rolling at their homes in order to lower the purchasing costs.

Although skilled workers and simple quality control can ensure a certain level of taste and quality, they cannot prevent impurities from being rolled into the tea pearls, such as hair or paper, which may have been caused during processing at the farmers' homes. These problems are often not detected during purchasing inspections, but can result in negative feedback from consumers who may discover hairs and paper inside the tea pearls only after brewing the tea.

2. Another reason is Jasmine Dragon Pearl's aroma not being long-lasting and resistant for a long time after storage: Many purchasers find that the aroma of Jasmine Dragon Pearl, whether samples or large shipments, is excellent when purchased in China. However, after transportation to their countries, especially after sea transportation, the aroma becomes slightly weaker. After storage for some time, the aroma dissipates even more, and the taste starts to have a little mouldy, unpleasing odor & taste inside, which makes it difficult to sell the tea and necessitate mixing it with the next batch of tea for sale. The reason is related to the production process (tea material quality, scenting time, and finished tea moisture). If only focus on appearance of tea buds and tippy hairs, and choose the tea materials that are not easily to absorb jasmine aroma well, then even for 3 times scenting, the tea may smell good initially but loses its fragrance quickly during storage.


Jasmine Dragon Pearl from Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., is made from carefully selected baked-green tea that easily absorbs the fragrance.
1) It is strictly produced and processed according to ISO22000 high hygiene standards in production factory. 
2)The finished Jasmine Dragon Pearl undergoes three scentings, with a high flower-to-tea ratio (the total ratio of tea leaves to jasmine flowers is 1:2.1), and the finished product moisture content meets national standards (below 8.5%). As a result, the aroma of our Jasmine Dragon Pearl remains rich and long-lasting even after three years of storage.

What is Jasmine pearl tea?

Jasmine tea is gorgeous green tea made from tendered green tea leaves. It is produced in Fuijin region of China. Tea leaves are picked up with the soft touch of hands and molded like pearls with jasmine flower to give it a nice heart-satisfying scent.

How to make jasmine pearl tea?

1. Select the high-quality Da Bai Hao as the material of dragon pearl tea

2. The Da Bai Hao swaddled by using the cloth, shape into a ball

3. Jasmine buds preparation (Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. During the night, jasmine flowers open, releasing their fragrance. This is when the tea scenting takes place.)

4. Putting the tea in the middle of jasmine buds

5. Jasmine buds covering the tea

6. Turn over to mix flowers with tea evenly in the whole night for 3-4 times

7. Scenting, the buds begin to open when the heat goes up

8. Turning again at midnight, wind-selecting to get rid of the dry jasmine flowers

9. Baking to the finished products

Does jasmine tea have caffeine?

Wonderful news! Jasmine tea contains less caffeine compared to black tea. Each serving contains approximately 14 to 60 milligrams of caffeine that of course depends on the quantity of raw tea used. So there are some nominal side effects of having too much Jasmine pearl tea such as sleeplessness, restlessness, increased urination and even depression. So limit your intake.

What is jasmine tea good for?

The health benefits of jasmine pearl tea.

Its an awesome drink for your health, coz it has numerous health benefits. Jasmine pearl tea even has the potency to replace your prescribed drugs. Below we are going to share a few benefits of having Jasmine pearl tea.

1. Antioxidant

It is rich in antioxidant catechins. Catechins, a strong disease-fighting antioxidant. This antioxidant protects our cell from free radical damage. It saves us from different diseases.

2. Anti-aging

It is a miracle drink for anti-aging & longevity. It stops or even reverses your aging process through rejuvenation. It sparks up your cell regeneration process, that will add more years to your lifespan.

3. Fight against cardiovascular disease

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), heart disease is a silent killer. If you are a patient with heart disease or high blood pressure, then you can easily take Jasmine tea as a safeguard. That is catechins found in Jasmine pearl tea can reduce the process of atherosclerosis a leading cause of heart attack.

4. Weight loss

This miracle drink keeps your weight under control. It increases your metabolism that burns more calorie. A fast metabolism helps you to lose weight even when you're lying on a cushion. So affiliate it in your weight loss plan.

5. Suppresses Cancer

Jasmine dragon pearl tea contains polyphenol which works excellently against certain cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. It inhibits the development of cancers tumors. Jasmine pearl tea also treats other medical conditions such as controls diabetes, anti-inflammatory, treats digestive issues also increases your immune system.

If you want to test the flavor of Jasmine tea as well as get all the benefits it contains, you can buy it from our runmingtea website.

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So, How to brew jasmine pearl tea?

First, Preparing gaiwan, cha hai, tea strainer, teacup, 100℃ water, 5g jasmine pearls tea 

Second,  warm gaiwan and cup with hot water

Third, put the jasmine dragon pearl tea into gaiwan, then add water

Fourth, pour the tea to cha hai and rinse cha hai, then add water again

Fifth, then taste.

In conclusion, we drink different types of tea to replenish our heart. Considering all the aforementioned benefits you can replace your regular tea with Jasmine pearl tea. If you make Jasmine tea your daily companion, it will give you extra energy to face your everyday challenge and shower you with the fragrance of jasmine flower. So take jasmine tea, stay disease free and live long! Best of luck.


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