• What Flowers Can Be Made into Blooming Tea?

    What flowers can be made into blooming tea? To answer this question, we first have to understand what tea is. Blooming Tea or Flowering Tea is a tea made from fresh leaves, stems, or buds. The leaves are not fermented, which means that they are still alive and in good condition at the time of making the tea.
  • How Is Blooming Tea Made?

    At first, fresh silver tea needles or buds, usually the green or white ones, are carefully sewn along with the fresh flowers and then turned into a ball by those skillful tea artisans in China. The sewing process is highly important as it is where the blooming tea is shaped and one wrong move could mean that the tea could not bloom into its intended shape if it could bloom at all.
  • What is Blooming Tea Good For?

    Green tea leaves had already been scientifically proven to be packed with antioxidants. On a deeper level, green tea leaves contain catechins and flavonoids which are substances that are known to have cleansing effects that rids our body of free radicals. By simply having green tea regularly, you are lowering your risk of developing degenerative diseases such as diabetes, senile dementia, atherosclerosis, or even cancer.
  • How Does Blooming Tea Work?

    Have you heard about artistic teas? Artistic teas, also called "Blooming Teas" or "Flowering Teas," originate from China, where they have been produced for many years. Its consumption was reserved for significant occasions due to its high cost.Blooming Teas, as the name implies, are teas that bloom.
  • Chinese Blooming Tea

    Blooming tea, otherwise known as flowering tea originated from the far south-east region of China, specifically, the Yunnan province.
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