• Jasmine Tea Making Process

    Our jasmine pearl scented tea, it is scented together with the jasmine to make the jamine green tea, For producing high quality jasmine tea, basically at least 5 batches of fresh jasmine flowers are needed, so that the teas can completely absord the jasmine aroma, and its infusability is longer than the low quality ones. Again, for high quality jasmine tea, you will find no jasmine pedals or just few in the teas. Here goes jasmine tea making process
  • Chinese Tea New Crop Taste

    It's 2021. It's a new year. You might as well start the year by trying out some new recipes and it will be hard for you to go wrong with a tea recipe that is more than a few centuries old. The Asian continent is still celebrated for its unique and remarkable tea culture. Namely in China, preparing tea is more than just mere routine, it is a ritual.
  • How To Brew The Perfect Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is believed to have originated in Iran but during the Tang Dynasty travellers brought the flower to China along the silk road. The gentle taste and smooth floral tones of the jasmine tea has given the flower a permanent place in Chinese culture since as early as the 7th Century and there have been many offshoots into different versions of the tea made popular since.
  • Jasmine Green Tea and Jasmine Tea - What is the difference?

    If you are still a complete beginner on your journey towards becoming a tea enthusiast, you might be confused with all the terms and jargon that seasoned tea lovers love to throw around, which is completely understandable. One of the most confusing stuff about the world of tea is the name of the teas themselves
  • What Does Jasmine Pearl Tea Taste Like?

    Basically, the taste of this tea can be described as mild and mellow, which makes it pretty enjoyable for anyone who wants to try it. However, if you want a stronger flavor, you may want to steep it for up to 5 minutes. It also has a sweet taste to the point that it can almost be considered as quite sugary
  • What Is Jasmine Pearl Tea Good For?

    Jasmine tea has been drunk in China for centuries. Jasmine pearl tea is typically a green tea flavored with jasmine petals, which add a light, delicate floral flavor. Read on to learn more about this delicious tea.
  • Chinese Jasmine Tea

    Chinese Jasmine Tea, Sweet Smelling, Tasty & Beneficial To The Body
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