• What is Spring Crop Tea?

    There's no doubt that tea has a long history. The first recorded use was before Christ came. Today, both as a beverage and a valuable agricultural product, tea is more popular than ever. In fact, countries such as China and India depend upon the tea harvest. Chinese tea actually has names for its teas, according to the seasons in which they're picked, and Spring is known to be the best time for tea harvesting.
  • How many ways should you brew aged white tea?

    White tea, becomes more and more popular in tea market in recent years due to its well-known reputation; especially for aged white tea, it is abundant in nutrient substance &valuable for collecting .
  • What Flowers or Fruit Can Be Blended With White Tea?

    In recent years, one of the most consumed beverages in the world has been white tea. Until relatively recently, the only types of tea consumed worldwide beyond Asia were black tea and green tea; even white tea was consumed in China, as it was only used for very special occasions.
  • White Tea Benefits

    One of the most delicate tea varieties is the white tea because it undergoes minimal processing. It is named white because it is harvested when the buds are still covered in white hairs before the leaves are fully open. White tea is known for its many benefits as it contains more nutrients.
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