• The glorious blessings of Tea

    Tea has been consumed for millions of years by royal families and entities. Tea may not be a popular option for people during the new millennium due to the emergence of some manufactured artificial, flavored, chemically-induced drinks such as cola, coda, and hydrolyzed water in a bottle. Drinking tea is a traditional practice by the ancient kingdoms of China and all other Asian countries. Drinking of tea and the presence of tea leaves used for making and brewing tea has been existent during the revolutionary, Industrialization, and the medieval era.
  • How to Measure Loose Leaf Tea for Brewing

    Measuring loose leaf tea for brewing can be a tricky process, especially when you're new to the world of loose leaf tea. It's not as simple as measuring dried tea bag - those measurements go by weight, not volume. The following are some pf the steps on how to measure loose leaf tea for brewing
  • What type of tea is in Wuyi mountains?

    Many people believe that drinking tea, particularly green tea, is excellent for your body and mind. Heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are all associated with tea consumption. However, it is important to keep in mind the positive effects of tea in moderation. Oolong tea Products derived from Camellia sinensis plants are referred to as oolong tea. For those unfamiliar, this is the same plant from which black and green teas are made. Improved mental alertness can be achieved by drinking oolong tea. Aside from obesity and heart disease prevention (osteoporosis), it's also used for a variety of other ailments, but no solid scientific evidence supports any of these other applications.
  • A Glimpse at Milk Oolong Tea

    There are so many delicious and exciting tea varieties out there. You may be familiar with classic chamomile tea. You may have heard of a more unusual yet similarly soothing and pleasant variety such as Tieguanyin milk tea as well. If you want to become a true tea expert, it can help to learn about all of the marvels of milk oolong tea. This is a beverage that has been dazzling discerning tastebuds for quite a while at this point.
  • What is special about oolong tea powder?

    Since ancient times, humans from all cultures and every continent have luxuriated in the art of drinking freshly brewed tea. From the opulent African lands of Malawi and Senegal to the refined Asian countries of China and Japan, tea drinking has always been and still remains an important and intrinsic part of every day life, for both social occasions as well as for holistically medicinal reasons.
  • What is gong fu tea brewing ?

    Gong fu tea brewing is a traditional Chinese way of brewing tea. It uses larger than usual tea leaves during brewing which makes a more tasty tea than the western counterparts. Gong fu tea is normally made with a tea set and it means in English "making tea with skill".
  • Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Tea

    Wuyi rock Oolong tea is a comparatively heavy fermentaiton tea, which is between 30% and 60%. Because of soils differences in different areas in Wuyishan city, it is divided into three categories based on geological location, which is Zhen Yan, Ban Yan and Zhou Cha Oolong tea; and the tea fragrance and taste differs a lot.
  • How Many Types of Yancha Oolong Tea

    Throughout the many providences of China, there several different forms of Oolong Tea. From those grown in the Wuyi Mountains, to those in the Anxi County, the Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong, and the straits of Taiwan, there are numerous types and variations of the oolong tea that is consumed by the people in China and the world at large.
  • What Goes Well With Oolong Tea?

    Oolong tea is extremely tasty just on its own, but if you want to enhance it, herbs, dried flowers, or dried fruits can be added to bring out the subtle flavors and aromas of this special tea. Originating in China and Taiwan, oolong tea can vary wildly in flavor and color depending on the climate in which it is grown
  • Everybody loves Iron Goddess of Mercy

    People say that savoring a cup of the iron goddess of mercy, just like savoring life.
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