• What is Hojicha Powder?

    Hojicha tea powder is a finely ground form of this tea, typically made from the leaves and stems of the tea plant. Unlike other green teas, which are typically steamed, hojicha is roasted over high heat, which gives it its distinct, nutty flavor. Hojicha powder is often used in tea ceremonies in Japan, but it is also a popular ingredient in cooking and baking. It can be used to add flavor to dishes like rice, soups, and desserts, or it can be blended with milk or other liquids to make a warm, comforting drink.
  • Organic Hojicha Roasted Matcha Powder

    This is a powdered form of the popular roasted Japanese tea, Hojicha. It has a naturally sweet taste and a pleasantly woody aroma. Hojicha Powder is ground and packaged immediately, making it ideal for cooking and food production: for pastries, ice cream, breads, pasta and more!
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