• Which one is most popular bubble tea in USA

    Bubble tea in USA is one of the most popular drinks among people all around the world. Any type of bubble tea can be found all over the country, so it's hard to know, which is the most popular in USA. Here are some of the most popular bubble tea in USA;
  • Is Milk Tea and Bubble Tea the Same?

    Have you ever wondered if milk tea and bubble tea were the same, or are they two different drinks? While the two are similar in many ways, there are also differences. Read on to know the answers to other related questions about milk tea and bubble tea that you may have.
  • Why Is Bubble Tea Called Boba? The Ultimate Guide

    Let's talk about bubble tea. It's the milky, chewy, sweet drink that everyone is obsessed with right now. It's made with a base of black tea or green tea, and sometimes milk, then shaken together with chewy balls known as boba. But where do these boba come from? And why are they called boba? We've got you covered.
  • What is in a boba tea?

    Boba drink (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble tea or tapioca drink) is a Taiwan-based beverage, made from a base of sweetened black or green tea. Boba pearls are added and the mixture is shaken to mix it all up. When serving, the pearls sink to the bottom and there will be a layer of foam floating on top. The pearls are made of tapioca, but people often debate the certainty of their creation.
  • Why Is It Called Boba Tea?

    A drink that's smooth, sweet, and filled with sugary pearls that pop in your mouth as you chew away at the lovely dessert filling the bottom of your cup. This milk tea, or bubble tea drink, is called Boba tea! You may have heard of this trendy beverage from your peers, local plazas, or even social media. This tea-based drink is commonly known from its Taiwanese origins, where many buy the drink because of its convenience and how many flavors there are available for you to pick and choose from -- green tea, brown sugar, mango, red bean, and many more. Yet despite, the various amount of flavors present, this drink has earned its name because of its rich history and today, we will explain briefly just how this popular bubble tea received its name, Boba Tea.
  • Is boba a tea or milk?

    Boba tea, also called pearl milk tea or bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink made in many different ways. The simplest way to make boba tea is with black or green tea and sweetened condensed milk. However, some people like to add fruit for flavor and color to the drink. For the past couple of years, there's been debate about whether this beverage is tea or milk. It might seem like an easy question at first glance. But if you think about it more, it becomes difficult to answer.
  • Is Bubble Tea a Food Trend?

    If it is the first time you are learning about bubble tea or have tasted it for the first time, you need to know that this tea has been around for decades. Bubble tea was first invented in Taiwan in the early 80s, and with time, its popularity has grown in other states. What makes bubble tea stand out from the rest of the teas is how it is made and the components added to it.
  • Explore the Various Types of Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea is an art. Bubble Tea could also be called Boba, pearl milk tea, Boba milk tea, or tapioca milk tea. Whatever you want to call it, the drink has so much flavour and taste that once you have had it, there's no turning back. Bubble tea is made of thick straws with big balls on the end that are used to suck up the yummy goodness of this drink. The bubble teas flavours vary from person to person, but their main ingredients are black tea and flavouring. Some familiar flavors that people order are strawberry flavoured or mango flavoured milk teas with either boba pearls or pudding. Others prefer taro flavoured drinks with different types of jellies instead of Boba.
  • How to Make Milk Tea: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Milk tea is a popular drink enjoyed in many countries. It has a rich and creamy texture that is unlike any other hot beverage. There are many different recipes for milk tea, but the most popular ones include black tea, sugar, and evaporated milk. This article will teach you all about making milk tea from scratch using these specific ingredients. You'll also learn about what makes milk tea special as well as how to make it taste even better!
  • Boba Tea The Latest Trend in Beverages

    Nowadays, bubble tea has become a hot new trend in the food and beverage industry. Taiwanese black tapioca pearls, milk or fruit syrup, and a strong tea base make up the drink. "Boba Tea," which may be pronounced as Bo-baa Teh, is a common name for this beverage in various nations. This beverage is produced with a few simple ingredients: a strong tea base, milk, and sweetened black tapioca pearls. Traditional boba tea is comparable to Hong Kong milk tea, Thai tea, or Malaysian milk tea, Teh Tarik. Each has black tea as a base, sugar, and milk - often condensed or evaporated milk. While the best flavor combination is subjective, boba tea fans often favor less sweet tastes to balance out the milk and pulp. Green tea with strawberry, mango, or lychee fruit puree is a popular combination, as is black tea with fruit or tapioca pearls.