• Is Blending Necessary For Tea?

    Every day, tea is consumed by billions of people around the world. The steaming hot beverage comes in various flavors and blends, making it one of the most popular drinks in the world. Blending your favorite herbs and leaves allows you to create a delicious concoction that caters to your needs. There are many different ways to do it when it comes to blending. With so many different options available, you may be wondering which method is best for you. Here, we'll teach you about some of the most common blending methods and give a few recommendations on how you can use them in your cup of tea. Read on to learn more!
  • Teas are best for winter with these tea recipes

    The winter season is really exciting for some sips of your favorite hot beverages. Watching the snowfall and feeling the caress of the cold win through your skin is perfect for the aromatic fragrance of a cup of fruit flavor tea! Enjoy the indulgent taste and fruity experience perfect for the winter season with these simple, fast, and easy winter fruit flavor tea recipes:

    If you've only recently begun your tea journey, you might be wondering why your most recent cup tasted like boiling water. Every tea user has been there: you make your first cup only to discover it lacks taste. But don't worry, we'll show you how to brew a delicious cup of tea down below.
  • What is the most popular blend of tea?

    There exist a variety of tea blends that one can choose from. These blends are the black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea among others. Blending here refers to the act of mixing different types of teas together to produce a product that shall be preferred more by consumers due to its taste. The popularity of a certain tea blend depends on the customer's preference to it. Amongst all these, there are exist the most popular one.
  • How do you properly blend tea?

    The art of how do you properly blend tea is an art that not only needs to be learned but practiced regularly. It's not just the art of mixing the different varieties of leaves that is important, but learning how to balance and adjust the flavor of each variety. After all, while you might be a fan of a particular blend of green tea, that does not mean that you will also like a particular brand of black tea. And while you might not think that your favorite flavor tea qualifies as blended tea, this article will explain the difference between loose leaf tea and what is considered a blended beverage.
  • What tea are good to mix together?

    If you are looking for a new tea-drinking experience, you might want to try creating your own mixed tea to get the perfect flavor profile that you crave. Just purchase a few basic flavors and create a custom blend that is all your own, that just might surprise you with health benefits. There is some scientific evidence that shows green tea, in particular, may help improve cardiac health. Some herbal teas have properties that can help relieve stress or calm you down naturally, while others are refreshing without caffeine.
  • What is Fruit Tea?

    Fruit teas are an infusion of a blend of dried fruit with herbs, petals, leaves and blossoms. The addition of hot water brings out the flavour from all the ingredients. Fruit teas are characterised first and foremost by their colours, which can range from a light pink to a dark red, or a pale yellow to a deeper, almost brown, yellow. Fruit tea can be drunk hot or cold, making them a perfect choice all year round, but hot water is always used in the preparation of either to ensure the tea is flavourful.
  • What is Afternoon Blend Tea?

    Afternoon blend teas are rather aptly named because it is traditionally meant to be enjoyed in the afternoon with a splash of milk and/or sugar alongside a plate of baked sweets such as cookies, scones and even cakes! The actual tea blends themselves can differ between companies but they usually consist of a combination of Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun and Ceylon. As it is with all things in the food and beverage world, rules are hardly made to stay and many people have taken to expanding the definition of what afternoon blend teas can consist of.
  • The Cold Hard Facts of Cold Brew Tea

    Cold-brew tea is a delicious drink to enjoy at any time of the day. It is a refreshing nutritious treat! Although cold-brew tea is such an easy and enjoyable drink to make and consume, there are different ways to create it. It all starts by steeping the tea in water over time.
  • How to Make Kombucha

    Over the last few years, Kombucha has made a huge splash into the homes of most Americans, especially those interested in healthy alternatives to soda drinks. The delicious and nutritious beverage has gone from relatively niche, to mainstream virtually overnight, with more people than ever consuming it as of 2021. It's made its way from health food stores like "Whole Foods" and "Trader Joes" to general grocery stores, gas stations, and even as an on tap at some restaurants and bars.
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