HTG-004 Ball Shape Jiaogulan Leaf


Jiaogulan leaf

We grow our caffeine-free jiaogulan leaf 100% chemical and pesticide-free on jiaogulan tea plantation in china. 

Item Code: HTG-004

Standard: CN Standard

Origin: Guangxi, China

Shape: Ball shape 


Why choose our jiaogulan leaf tea?

Jiaogulan Leaf: The Herb of Immortality 

What is Jiaogulan Leaf?

Jiaogulan is of the genus Gynostemma pentaphyllum, a climbing vine whose leaves are used to make a herbal healing tea. The plant is native to south central China, and southern parts of Korea and Japan.

The local inhabitants of Southern China have used it for centuries as a rejuvenating elixir, often referring to it as "The Herb of Immortality." The jiaogulan leaf, however, got widespread attention due to research was done by Chinese scientists to query reasons behind an abnormally long healthy lifespan of the people of Southern China.

The scientists discovered that the plant has high content levels of saponins and potent antioxidant effects. The herb is also adaptogenic, meaning it assists your body handle stress better. 

Application of Jiaogulan Leaf

We use the highest quality jiaogulan leaf to manufacture teas capsules or pills for your health. Our jiaogulan leaf tea is produced to the highest professional standards. Boil our jiaogulan leaf tea make a healthy dose of this magical herbal brew or steep our professional packaged tea bags to create a healing drink.

Our leaf teas are not bitter and are sweeter the longer they steep. Our high-quality teas are refreshing whether hot or cold.

To infuse this wonder tea, use a hot cup of water, and let the leaves infuse for about five minutes. You can give them rest longer for additional benefits, and you may strain or not before drinking. 

You can also boil our tea for 2 or 3 minutes then turn down the heat for about ten more minutes to let it infuse, then let it cool down before drinking it. Take it several times a day for better health. 

The health benefits of Jiaogulan Leaf?

(1)Reduction of cholesterol levels

Our professionally packaged Jiaogulan leaf products have been proven to lower blood cholesterol, which is a precursor to high blood pressure and heart disease while at the same time increasing HDL or good cholesterol levels in the body. 

Our magical tea helps your body to break down fats since it increases your body’s nitric oxide levels. 

(2)Lower the incidence of liver disease

A study done on patients with liver disease proves that after six months of daily ingestion of 80 ml of Jiaogulan tea, patients have reduced liver fat and enzymes, insulin and body weight.

Our high-quality Jiaogulan leaf products have also been proven to prevent liver fibrosis that leads to liver cirrhosis a precursor of liver failure and cancer. 
(3)Cancer prevention and healing

Due to its extreme levels of antioxidant activity, our high-quality Jiaogulan leaf products helps boost your body’s defenses to lessen tumors and ward off tumor growth.

Our products also reduce cases of DNA mutation that cause tumors. The chemical saponin in our leaf teas attacks cancer directly and lessens the chemotherapy's toxicity to patients with various diseases. 

(4)Prevents diabetes 

Research has proven that Jiaogulan, improves insulin sensitivity while lowering your body’s blood glucose levels, through better and improved sugar metabolism. Our professionally packaged Jiaogulan leaf tea does all this without rendering you hypoglycemic which is excellent for people suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Other health benefits of our high-quality Jiaogulan Leaf products

• Reduction of stress and anxiety through its adaptogen composition. These work to level up your dopamine and serotonin levels
• Helps in weight reduction;

• Improves kidney function and reduces damage from excess toxins;

• Has antiviral, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties;

• Slows down your body's aging process;

• Great for those hangovers as well migraines and headaches;

• Soothes your nerves and stress, therefore, reducing cases of insomnia;

• Due to nitric oxide its increases it works as well as Viagra and can work to increase fertility levels;

• Can help prevent UV damage to your skin making you look younger;


We take every precaution and measures to ensure that we only avail the best ingredients for our Jiaogulan Leaf products. They are packaged with the highest standards to ensure that when you take them, you will get all the health benefits only available with this "The Herb of Immortality."

There are some primary competitive advantages of our company's Jiaogulan Leaf:

1. We have our own jiaogulan tea plantation base to manufacture gynostemma pentaphyllum tea, which has a competitive price, for bigger quantity, the price can be more lowered;

2. Imperial stick shape jiaogulan herbal tea;

3. Certificate: EU conventional;

4. Quality Control: Experienced QC Team always strictly check the products before packing, ensure to deliver the high-quality products to clients;

5. Logo and Package: OEM & ODM package and customized logo; 

6. Company Information:10 years tea export experience.

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