GLJ-001 EU Standard Imperial Longjing Tea


Longjing Tea

Item Code: GLJ-001

Standard: EU Standard

Origin: Zhejiang province


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What is longjing tea?

Longjing tea inherent name is the Dragon well tea, is accredited for making China the trademark of producing incomparable tea that is above any other in the world. Grown in the city of Hangzhou located in Zhejiang province in China, its distinct popularity has crossed borders and travelled in far countries for centuries, its number one ranking is not showing any signs of dropping anytime soon. Having a reputation that matches its name as the legend of dragon’s drinking well, it is truly valuable and the pride of China. There is more than one mysterious ancient story to explain how this legend name came into existence. One mystic story entails the dragon used to live in the village well and it used to regulate the rain. Therefore, people used to come to the well to pray for rainfall. The other story evokes the meaning of longjing tea; it means the name of the temple where priest planted trees and the name of the water spring. Longjing tea became really famous after healing the mother of Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796 AD), after its leaves being brewed for her. From then it got its first high status as the imperial tea. Currently, it is still very sumptuous, capable of making everyone from high social status to low social status to be extravagant with just one cup of longjing tea. Therefore, our supply is sufficient to fulfill your client’s indulgence in taste and appetite of longjing tea.

We get our premium and aromatic longjing tea from farms that have ideal climatic conditions and are in absolute location. Through the experts’ services, we have examined the soil fertility from where we get our tea leaves and found it has just the right constituents, including minerals and ph scale. Soil fertility aligns to the conventional requirements for plantation of this tea. We assist our farmers by educating them on planting high quality, globally accepted longing tea that can make incredible, brewed tea to 5-star hotels and restaurants or any statehouse in the world. Our secret in having tea with deliciously fruity taste is our farms are located in areas that lack a lot of sunlight thus the tea leaves preserve theanine which is responsible for the sweetish flavor in our tea. After tactfully roasting by hand by more than six-year experienced tea master, longjing tea comes to our factory and is uniquely folded, packed giving an aroma that is flavorsome. Our factory is best equipped to handle delicate longjing leaves ensuring they maintain their essence of quality thus securing its appealing taste. We are referred to as longjing tea perfectionist because we inspecting and ensuring everything is followed to the letter, our tea aligns with the highest quality standards and nothing left to chance. In regards to this, you should look forward to getting the choicest green tea that is even more than you expect.

The grading of longjing tea is as a consequence of the location of the farm. The favorable optimum location will give the highest grade of longjing tea. Shi Feng village the indigenous location of longjing tea is also producing the highest grade of longjing tea in the world famously known as Shi Feng longjing tea. It has a clear-cut characteristic of yellowish-green leaves, indicating it has a sweetened flavour when brewed. This first-class tea will cost you more than any other grade of its kind. The second best grade is grown in Mei Jia Wu longjing tea; it has a distinctive jade green color, and is a variety of West Lake. It has slightly sweeter flavor and it can cost you a bit more. Like the previous grade, this is also from West Lake, the third variety of grade known as Xi Hu longjing tea. This grade is planted by a majority of tea plantations in this area. Its quality is generally high and also expensive.Other two varieties produced outside the lake regions of Zhejiang province are Qian Tang Longjing tea and Bai Longjing tea. Qian Tang Longjing tea is the lowest cost variety, is not part of Xi Hu farm and is not thought-about as being the indigenous variety of Longjing tea. Bai Longjing tea is planted in An Ji, highest concentration of amino acid than any other longjing; however, its leaves are the similar shape with other longjing tea varieties. Longjing tea has various varieties that bring out dynamics in taste and aroma. Some have a diverse amount of nutrients that are able to meet a vast array of people that do not have the same standard in their needs and wants when it comes to longjing tea. We have stock of cross sections of this variety of longjing tea in order to accommodate your clients' extremely vast taste. We are the only and best option in regards to this constantly changing formation of tea market.

The utmost worth of having longjing tea as one of your main and constant diets is its medicinal-like value. It’s undeniable to ascertain that nowadays, most people gain weight because of junk and nutrient-deficiency foods. They are hooked on such food because of pleasantly sweetish taste yet longjing tea has both yummy savors and has wholesome nutrients. Unbelievably, it acts as a weight loss reinforcement diet strategy. Due to its highest concentration of antioxidants such as catechins, with the aid of caffeine, it speeds up your metabolism thus you will lose a lot of cholesterol, shed fat in your body and consequently be healthy. With a contingency of no sugar intake in your longjing tea, you should be undoubtful of losing weight effortlessly.Our extremely busy routines in businesses and work can bring stress level spiking sky-high. It is so serious that most people are diagnosed with depression, nervous breakdown and much more. Longjing tea can be your excellent, life-long solution for such health-threatening issues. Despite having caffeine, longjing tea has the amino acid called L-thiamine that has a calming effect in your mind. Since it helps prevent accumulation of fat, it also enhances a healthy heart, free from fatal complications likely to occur. Less cholesterol in your bloodstream improves your blood circulation, thus preventing you from having high blood pressure and strokes. Also, tooth decay is avoided by taking this ultra-phenomenal green tea. So why not take this product to your clients because it has a million reasons to be sold to everyone.

We are well- known suppliers who always will produce longjing tea according to your specification and requirements. We have deployed professionals and experts from the first phase of plantation all through to the end phase of delivering this commodity, to ensure you get high-quality longjing in a posh package. We are the sole suppliers in the market extremely stringent and adhering to rules and regulation in order to give you not just a refined product but also satisfactory services. We are constantly audited by CERES, ISO, FDA and have won certificate up to now. You are therefore guaranteed extraordinary longjing tea products acceptable to your clients from everywhere.


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