GZGP-001 Imperial Gunpowder Green Tea 3505AAA


Name: Gunpowder Tea 

Item Code: GZGP-001

Origin: Fujian, China

MOQ: 20 KG

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Pesticide are never used in our farm & Bio diversity tea farm.

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What is Gunpowder Tea?                                                                                                                                                  

Gunpowder tea, commonly known as green tea is a type of tea which originated in China, Zhejiang province. It consists of hand-rolled leaves which appear like tiny pellets which are blended to create the commonly known "Moroccan mint" tea, sometimes called pearl or beard tea, the leaves are typically rolled to preserve the aroma and to make the drink full of taste when brewed. The name gunpowder was derived from the shape of the leaves, tiny pellets resembling powder pellets used in early rifles. Even though the name is controversial since some claim that; it is named gunpowder tea because of its aroma and taste when brewed.


There are numerous varieties of green tea today; depending on areas grown, how it’s cultivated, climatical temperatures, and among other factors. Currently, gunpowder tea is the most popular type of green tea. But it is important to note that despite different names, they all come from a family of a tea plant which goes by the scientific name "Camellia sinensis." Some of the other varieties include; Long Jing (Dragonwell) Snowy Mountain, Jian Hyson, Lucky Dragon, Hou Kui, and the list is endless.


When the pellets of gunpowder tea are brewed, they "explode" into longer leafs, so don't get surprised when brewing. Boil some water in a tea kettle, after boiling let it cool to around 90c, you can always measure if you want, but you can as well estimate. Then you can now add some water to a teapot where gunpowder pellets are present, brew it for around two minutes and then pour your tea into glasses ready to be tasted. You can use one teaspoon of granules for four ounces of water, but always remember, brewing gunpowder tea will also depend on your taste preference, if you realize that your tea is too weak, you can add more pellets or extend your brewing time. And if it tastes too high, you can add more water, or you reduce your brewing time.

Health benefits of gunpowder tea

Prevents heart attack; according to research done by Harvard Health Publications, gunpowder tea lowers the cholesterol levels in the human arteries which are the primary cause of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

A healthier skin and anti-aging effects; our body cells keep on deteriorating day by day, and this is due to free radicals caused by pollution and other unhealthy living ways. These radicals cause damage to our body cells accelerating the aging effect, but gunpowder tea is believed to have a boosting ability to our bodies in fighting free radicals hence rejuvenating our skin and our body cells in general.

Prevents cancer; Cancer is a significant threat to humanity, and according to some research, gunpowder tea inhibits the early onset of different types of cancer, including; prostate cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.

In General, gunpowder tea has polyphenols, which are vital antioxidants that help human beings in living a healthier and disease free life. Some of the other benefits include; fighting arthritis, boosting the immune system, prevents tooth decay, helps in excessive weight loss, stabilizes blood sugars, lowers high blood pressure, lowers excessive fats, prevents skin diseases, and among other health benefits.

More and more people are adopting gunpowder tea, because of its fantastic taste and health benefits.

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5. Company Information: 10 years tea export experience;

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1.Consistent products quality checking VS sample sent to Clients

2.Tea interior moisture detecting to meet standard

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4.Strict interior tea QC for the big batch bulk tea before stocking them

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6. High sanitation packing workshop

7.Our production equipments 

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Guangzhou Runming Tea has teams of skillful, experienced sales staff with over 10 years experience in tea and exporting.

Our sales team can provide professional tea product knowledge of introduction, profound market analysis, hot-selling products recommendation, package solutions, new products notices, and complete after-sales service such as videos of packing products and timely updating logistics notice, etc.


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Guangzhou Runming Tea Company focuses on manufacturing and exporting EU&USDA organic-certified teas, EU standard Chinese speciality teas and special Chinese Kongfu teawares.

Having our own tea plantation bases and preliminary factories in the famous tea-growing areas in China, we strictly control over every tea-making process to guarantee our Maocha’s quality, taste, aroma & appearance.

Besides, we also have our own high sanitation, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including the packing workshop, pyramid tea bag OEM workshop, Matcha To Go OEM workshop, etc. For the health of human, we always advocate organic life attitude, and devote to be the advocator and leader of organic teas.

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