DT-002 Body Detox Tea


Detoxification Tea

Item Code: DT-002

Ingredients: organic oolong tea, organic Goji berries, Sage, dandelion


1. We provide the formula and ingredients for producing the detoxification tea

2. Clients can provide their detox tea formula including blending proportion, then we provide ingredients to produce it,OEM pack.

3. Clients can provide their raw materials and detoxification tea formula including blending proportion then we produce it andOEM pack.

1. Directly pack into the tea bag.

2. Produce pyramid detox tea bag/four corners tea bag then pack into tea bag/box

a. Without tag/with tag

b. With envelope or not

c. Then pack into bag/canister/box(Support OEM services)

3. Help our Amazon clients deliver the products to FBA warehouse

Your Body Is Forced to Work Harder Than It Needs To 

Obesity increases your risk for…

• High blood pressure 

• High “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides

• Heart disease and stroke

• Gallbladder disease and gallstones

• Kidney stones 

• Fatty liver 

• Osteoarthritis 

• Gout 

• Type 2 diabetes

• Cancer 

• Sleep apnea and asthma Weight Discrimination in the Workplace Excess Weight Robs You of Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Having a cup of detox tea to get a healthy life and become confident right now!

Office workers often sit in the office without exercise, easy constipation, it is recommended that you should drink one or two cups of detoxification tea every day. 

First of all, let's understand how the stool is formed. The formation process of feces is very complex because the formation of feces requires the participation of organs such as the stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and so on. The process of food intake from the mouth to the passage of the anus is long. If you sit a long time every day, the intestinal peristalsis will decrease, it will affect the intestinal function digestion and absorption, the intestinal metabolites stay in the colon for a long time, so that the time of gastric emptying is prolonged and constipation is formed.

With the rapid pace of modern life, many office workers sit in the office every day without exercise, resulting in the body's toxin cannot be normally discharged, but also caused by irregular diet in the body to form a large number of toxins, there is no delay on detoxification. Therefore, the number and frequency of stool are closely related to diet. Dietary therapy can also be used to treat constipation.

1. First of all, we should drink plenty of warm water to keep enough water in the enteric cavity and soften the stool so as to achieve the purpose of treating dry stools.

2. Next, Eating more food containing more trash, especially fresh vegetables containing cellulose, such as celery, leek and so on. Because this kind of food can provide the human rich vitamin C, also can provide enough food residue, stimulate the intestinal wall, accelerate the intestinal peristalsis, so that the excrement of excrement is easy to expel.

3. We can choose the detoxification drinks containing oolong tea. The oolong tea has a certain effect of detoxifying and keeps beauty, clearing heat and relieving heat and removing greasy food. It also contains rich tannic acid, which can effectively decompose the fat of the body, reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, reduce the fat to lose weight, and reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood. Anti-aging and lowering blood lipid.


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