Chinese Blooming Tea

Chinese Blooming Tea


Blooming tea, otherwise known as flowering tea originated from the far south-east region of China, specifically, the Yunnan province. Asides this information, the history of the blooming tea balls is quite blurry with several comments about how recent it was discovered. A school of thought believes it to have been discovered a couple of hundred years ago, while another propounds that it was discovered only recently. However, a few historical facts point to the fact that it was used in the tenth century in the Royal courts of China in the era where the display of shaped tea was the order of the day. Even then, the tea was more viewed as an art rather than for consumption.

What Is Blooming Tea? 

For some, this is a new word, therefore, it is important to however briefly, explain what the term means. Blooming tea, commonly referred to in some quarters as flowering tea, art tea, blossoming tea, display tea, hand-tied tea or performance tea. It is an artistically arranged tea which when brewed opens up into a magnificent floral display. Initially, they come in a not too appealing bud, but when acted upon by hot water, they turn out to be the most exciting floral display accompanied by an outstanding, flavored beverage.

Making Blooming Tea

It goes through quite a process as each blossom is carefully handmade by skilled artisans in China. The silver tea needles are sewn together to form fresh flowers before being wrapped in cotton yarn and finally fired. After the initial firing, the flavor is added to the blossom then it fired five more times. Following this, each individual blossom is packaged and sealed to ensure perpetual freshness. The flowering tea artisans view their work as symbols which portrays happiness, love, and prosperity, as such only the freshest of leaves are picked. 

How to Make Blooming Tea

1.Blooming tea, also known as artistic flower tea, is a special type of tea made by combining the tender buds of high-mountain tea trees with dried flowers. It can be brewed for

 drinking or used for ornamental purposes. Place the prepared blooming tea in a clean glass cup and pour hot water over it. The flowers will slowly unfurl, creating a particularly

 beautiful display.

2.To make blooming tea, prepare the tender buds of high-mountain tea trees. Arrange the prepared tea leaves in a bud-to-bud manner, ensuring they are neat and tidy. Then, 

align the tea stems and secure them together using a clean cotton thread. Trim the bottom of the bundle.

How to Make Blooming Tea - Blooming Tea Making Method

3.Flip the tied tea leaves over and place a beautiful dried flower in the center. Use a clean cotton thread to sew it in place, forming a ball-like shape. At this point, you will notice 

that the tea leaves have wrapped around the flower in the middle.

4.Prepare a tall, clean glass cup and place the prepared blooming tea inside. Pour water with a temperature above 90 degrees Celsius into the glass. The surrounding tea leaves 

will absorb water and expand, and the flowers will also absorb water and expand. At this point, the flowers will bloom, resembling a beautiful display. From the outside of the 

glass cup, you will witness its magnificent appearance. After steeping for three minutes, you can enjoy the tea infusion that has been brewed.

5.The process of making blooming tea may seem simple, but it can be a bit challenging to execute. Especially for those who are new to blooming tea, it may initially seem 

difficult. However, with practice and determination, you will undoubtedly succeed.

Brewing or Steeping Blooming Tea

Beginning this segment, I must mention that brewing the perfect beverage begins firstly with using the right set of tools. If you are considering brewing blooming tea then you must get yourself a blooming teapot. This is expedient if you are going to enjoy the unfolding of this natural wonder. The glass teapot should be one with a wide base that can allow for the flower to wide open to its fullest capacity. The pot should also be tall enough, as some flowers tend to increase in height as well. 

Next thing to consider is the right temperature needed for the flower to bloom properly. Since the teas are usually tightly bundled, it will be perfect to use water boiled just below boiling point temperature, this is necessary to allow the full blossoming of the flower tea. If done right, this should take about a minute or two, once achieved, you are ready to pour out your first cup of tea. The first step is usually accompanied by a strong flavor and aroma. A number of first-time drinkers believe that the blooming tea can only be brewed once, well here is a shocker, it can be used about three times, and each time it is brewed, you are most likely to enjoy a new flavor. 

Benefits of Drinking Blooming Tea

Asides the refreshing feeling derived from consuming this natural wonder, there are several health benefits attached too. In fact, it has been recorded that ancient Chinese use of the tea included curing several ailments. Here are a few benefits you get from consuming this tea:

-  It nourishes the skin. Due to the embedded polyphenols, it is known to make the skin beautiful and very healthy. It also possesses antioxidants which help in protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiation. 

-  It boosts metabolic rates. Continual consumption of this tea helps to boost body metabolic rates, with the antioxidants present helping to burn fats effectively. Drinking this tea helps in avoiding obesity as fat is effectively burnt, as well as ensuring the unnecessary fat is converted to energy by the body.

-  It helps in cancer prevention. The antioxidants present in the tea act as anti-mutagenic agents helping to deal with an unusual malignancy. The body’s DNA is also duly protected from damage. 

-  Helps in killing mouth bacteria. Asides the presence of antioxidants, blooming tea also has antibacterial and antiviral qualities. These help to cleanse the mouth from all bacteria which could cause bad breath and dental infections and decay.

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