Brown Sugar Boba Tea


Brown sugar boba has become famous worldwide because of the soft, chewy texture of boba, the sweetness of sugar, and the refreshing taste of tea.

If you are bored of ordinary bubble tea and want something satisfying your taste buds, this is the tea you should go with.

Do not worry if you haven't heard of it before. Today, we will go into the details of brown sugar boba and help you know why it is so famous and its different variants.

What is brown sugar boba?

Brown sugar boba is a concoction of fresh milk, and iced black tea to which boiled brown sugar syrup is added along with brown sugar pearls. Apart from this, there is no extra added sugar in this drink.

The sweet caramel taste of this drink and its silky texture has made it a cult favorite. The most distinct flavor, however is of the soft and chewy boba, which imparts a unique taste. Not to speak of the aesthetically pleasing colors.

How to make brown sugar boba?

The procedure to make it is relatively easy.

Step one: create the sugar syrup by mixing brown sugar with water.

Step two: cook the pearls according to the type you selected. Since you would have bought them in the packaged form, the cooking instructions will be mentioned on the packaging. Ensure that you cook them along with the brown sugar syrup.

Step three: hot milky tea base making process: pour the hot well-infused black tea liquid mixed with milk, stir it for 1-2 minutes to ensure they mix well.

Cold milky tea base making process: put the certain ratio of ice cubes inside the hot well-brewed black tea liquid and milk together to stir and mix well.

Step four: Lastly, add the brown sugar pearls to the cup and scratch some brown sugar on the cup wall, then pour the prepared milk tea base into cup. Then this mouth-watering drink is ready.  

Isn’t it super simple? Detailed making process, pls check our below video on how to make perfect cup of brown sugar boba.

 The brown sugar boba has quite a few flavors combined like:

  • Deep Caramelized flavor

  • The sweetness of brown sugar

  • The chewy texture of pearls

  • The smooth & silky tea taste


    The most distinct flavor, however, is the brown sugar flavor which is what gives it the caramelized taste. In fact, it is the most dominant flavor of brown sugar boba.


    The aftertaste, however, is of the pearls. Since they are made from brown sugar, they have a chewy sweet aftertaste;

    If you were to describe the taste in a single sentence, it tastes like iced sweet black milk tea, which is sweet but not greasy, brown sugar taste is well-balanced taste with tea & milk.

    Brown Sugar Milk Tea Tapioca Pearls vs Regular Boba Pearls


    Brown sugar pearls have a distinct sweet taste because brown sugar is the primary ingredient. Despite that, they offer a chewy texture. Additionally, they are more sticky and glutinous than normal boba pearls. As the brown sugar pearls are cooked in the syrup for hours, they are softer than the common boba pearl. The slow cooking process also imparts them with a taste that is better than the classic sugar taste.


    Boba pearls only offer a chewy texture and don't offer much in terms of taste. Not only that, they aren't as soft as the brown sugar pearls. The lack of taste certainly means the tea doesn't have as many flavors as the one consisting of brown sugar boba pearls.


    How to cook the brown sugar tapioca pearls?

    Since you know that brown sugar boba is a better choice, it is time to understand how to cook those sugar pearls.


    Step one: pour room temperature water into pan, with the ratio of pearls VS water 1:10.

    Step two: after the water is boiling, put the tapioca pearls into the pan, stir for several minutes.

    Step three: after all the tapioca pearls are all floated, cover the pan with lid and cook for 20 minutes.

    Step four: Turn it off after 20 minutes and smother for another twenty minutes. This can vary depending on the type of pearls you're dealing with.

    Step five: rinse the pearls with cold water and drain off the water.

    Step six: After that,  put the well-rinsed tapioca pearls with brown sugar and water into the ice-cooker to cook for another 30 minutes. After cooking finished, turn on the keeping-warm button of the ice-cooker to keep the brown sugar tapioca warm for the whole day use.

    These above methods are the most traditional way of cooking brown sugar tapioca pearls with the best flavor & brown sugar taste.

    However, for some bubble tea shops, they can sell hundreds of brown sugar boba tea per day. If cooking the brown sugar tapioca pearls in the traditional way, they are probably short of brown sugar tapioca pearls very soon. So there is another alternative method for quick brown sugar tapioca pearls, whose taste & flavors are also quite good.

    The above step one to step five is the same. Then step six is to put the ready-made brown sugar syrup with the well-rinsed tapioca pearls together and mix them well. Then it is also ready to use.



    Other variations of brown sugar boba:


    Over the years, many variations of brown sugar boba have evolved, but only a handful are popular. We will cover these below. If you wish to break the monotony and go with variations of brown sugar boba, these are the five options you can choose from.

    1. Matcha brown sugar boba tea

    It consists of matcha tea, pure milk, well-cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls. The bittersweet taste of matcha milk adds extra flavor to brown sugar, which makes the taste is more complex and not greasy at all;



    2. Thick Ceylon brown sugar boba

    The second variation consists of Eisbock milk, Ceylon black tea, well-cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls. If you want to cut down on the traditional sweet taste, this is the variant you should go with. Eisbock milk is the freeze distilled milk, which has super thick milk taste on the palate. Ceylon black tea has a very pleasing ripe plum aroma, which offers extra plum tea flavor except the brown sugar fragrance only. This drink enjoys super thick milk tea taste, whereas still enjoy the pleasing fragrance brown sugar tapioca pearls. It is one of the most popular brown sugar boba drink in China in recent years.


    3. Pure brown sugar boba

    There is a variant that directly cuts out without any tea as well. It consists of only fresh milk, well-cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls. The advantage of this drink is you can enjoy the pure sweet milk taste; However, its weakness is your palate will feel tired very soon because of sweetness.


    4. Thick coconut milk brown sugar boba

    If you do not like the taste of traditional well, pls go with this variant, which consists of thick coconut milk, black tea base, well-cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls. The creaminess of coconut milk is the reason this variant is so popular.


    5. Da Hong Pao brown sugar boba tea

    Da Hong Pao is a unique tea native to the Fujian Province of China. This tea is famous around the world for its unique ripe fruity aroma and thick & mellow tea taste. The variant we are highlighting now consists of this tea concoction and milk and well-cooked brown sugar boba.  This kind of Da Hong Pao brown sugar boba tea is extremely welcome for those seeking palate satisfaction customers and often quite expensive per drink, as Da Hong Pao is quite expensive tea.  


    Thus, when you want to enjoy a delicious drink of tea, or milk and of course, the distinct tapioca pearls, you should try out brown sugar boba. It is a drink that is hard to resist, even if you consume it once.


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