What is Matcha Milk Powder?

What is Matcha Milk Powder? Where Does Matcha Powder Come From? Do you love matcha? But not sure where it even comes from?

Well, put simply, matcha powder is a fine powder made from the leaves of green tea plants. Matcha powder has been a relatively new concept to the Western world in the past decade. However, Matcha has been traced back all the way since the seventh and tenth centuries.  Matcha became popular during the tenth to thirteenth centuries, thanks to a Japanese Buddhist Monk who showed others how to prepare powdered green tea with the green tea leaves. This matcha powder has been classically used in ancient Japanese ceremonies and is even still used today.  

What is Matcha Milk Powder Matcha milk powder is exactly how it sounds. It is simply the traditional matcha powder mentioned above with milk powder added into it. This gives drinkers a creamier, matcha latte experience. You typically only need to add a couple of teaspoons into a cup of hot water. So it is very easy to enjoy a matcha latte.  

What Makes Matcha Milk Powder So Special Matcha milk powder is seriously so cool. Why?

Because now instead of drinking matcha purely as a tea you get to mix it up and drink a latte! Who doesn't love lattes? You don't even have to go through the trouble of boiling milk or adding any flavors. Just put some water in your kettle, pour yourself a steaming cup of water and mix in your powder. It's as easy as that. You can find a ton of local vendors that sell it as well as almost every online store.  Matcha Bubble Tea Matcha bubble tea is the combination of a relatively new drink founded first in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea, with the ancient powdered green tea leaves, matcha. If you love other flavors of bubble tea you will be sure to love this matcha powder bubble tea.

Is Matcha Bubble Tea Healthy?

Is Matcha Bubble Tea Healthy If you are a typical bubble tea drinker, you will likely be aware that they are not very healthy for you. Yes, you will get the benefits that matcha provides, which include but are not limited to: increasing your metabolism, high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Along with lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol.  However, bubble tea itself is typically sweetened with a lot of sugar and sweetened condensed milk. Along with the tapioca bubbles, and bubble tea powder. Thus making it difficult to picture as a "healthy option drink". You can try and make a healthier version of this drink at home. Simply replace the heaps of white sugar with a smaller portion of brown sugar or dates and replacing the sweetened condensed milk with natural milk like coconut milk.

Final Thoughts There is no doubt that matcha powder is good for you. If you get tired of drinking matcha tea everyday though it is nice to have a bit of a chance. With matcha milk powder you can now get the same matcha love, but now in a creamier drink. Matcha bubble tea is another option for you if you are getting tired of drinking your matcha tea, or matcha latte. However, be aware that this is a less healthy option and try to opt to drink these as a treat to yourself, instead of daily dosage.

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