Pyramid Tea Bags VS Regular Tea Bag

Pyramid Tea Bags VS Regular 

Tea can be prepared using loose leaf or tea bags. The dilemma arises when the question is about the shape of tea bags. We all want a tea bag that produces the quality of tea we expect. However, many people don't know that flat, round, pyramid (triangular) and rectangular tea bags are different in the question of effectiveness and efficiency. This has been a battle over the years that separates lovers of tea. The Advertising Standard's Authority (ASA) has stated that the pyramid shaped tea bags are a step ahead of the others when it comes to brewing.

The pyramid tea bags bring in a new innovation to tea brewing thus changing the old rules. The triangular structure provides space for tea to move around with ease. When hot water is added to a cup with a tea bag, it's expected that the leaves move in a circular way as they heat and then cool down. This means that a pyramid tea bag imitates what goes on in an infuser or a teapot that utilizes loose leaf tea.

Pyramid tea bags also maximize the space inside the cup. Their shape allows the ingredients to unfurl and expand. This, in turn, allows all the flavors to be completely released into your cup. This increases the efficiency by enabling the whole leaf to be utilized instead of only the tea particles and the fanning.

Ingredients play a great role in brewing. It's the expectation of every brewer that the cup of tea they take is the best they could ever have. Pyramid bags give a shape that accommodates a wider scope for ingredients. Regular tea bags only allow tiny particles to be used. Pyramid bags allow space for dry fruit pieces, flowers, and spices. This makes it seldom to find pyramid tea bags individually enveloped. Their bulkiness inhibits standard packaging in individual envelopes.

The demography of lovers of tea also includes a percentage of people who have a high affinity for aesthetics. Most of these people say that pyramid tea bags just look nicer which gives them more confidence. It's almost accurate that triangular tea bags give a more appealing look as compared to regular tea bags. Taking this to the next step by imagining giving some tea bags as a gift to a loved one, you agree that the pyramid shape takes it all, unlike its rival shapes. Besides, a pyramid-shaped tea bag gives the impression of standing tall on its own inside the cup.

Firms like PG and Tetley in Britain have been known to fight over which tea bag shapes have an upper hand. PG is known to support pyramid-shaped bags while the rival is associated with the round shape. In 2013, their battle had to be settled through an experimental competition with Telegraph reporters witnessing. The battle was based on infusion rates after forty seconds and another after two minutes. These two-time limits formed the average time that is used by most Britons to brew using tea bags. After the experiment, the ASA courtesy of the Telegraph report concluded that the pyramid shaped tea bags had an added advantage. They stated that the pyramid shape was more efficient in its infusion rate. They also realized that pyramid bags had 99 percent more room to move inside the cup. Tetley, however, stated that there's no significant difference between the shaped in their defense. Another article was published in New York back in 2006. The article stated that it takes longer for fine tea to infuse when brewed. This is why pyramid shaped tea bags are preferred to other regular shapes. Actually, pyramid shaped tea bags are compared to large pouch tea bags when it comes to the question of infusion. This means that pyramid shape gives more quality to the brew.

There's a different set of people who seem tired of the shapes dilemma. The circumstances force them to choose loose leaf tea. The infuser is one technology known for loose tea, it's however inconvenient and more involving. This is because the brewer is expected to measure the right amount of tea to add. In a teapot scenario, besides measuring the amount of loose tea to add, you have to filter the content. Why struggle while you can just use a pyramid bag to save more time and energy while still obtaining the same quality of tea.

It's beyond reasonable doubt that pyramid tea bags are by far better compared to regular tea bags. It's proven statistically and experimentally. Take the quality of tea, save your time and energy with pyramid tea bags.

There are some detail description our company's pyramid tea bags: 

Empty Nylon Pyramid Tea Bags

Size: 60mm*60mm*60mm, 70mm*70mm*70mm

Material: China food-grade nylon, Japan imported food-grade nylon/Japan imported food-grade PLA 

Tea Bag Tag: 2cm*2cm/OEM and branded label 

Tea Bag String: food-grade cotton, 13cm/15cm

Capacity: 1-4g (depending on the size of tea leaves)

Package: Pack tea bag individually or bulk pack, all support OEM package

MOQ: 2000 pieces

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