How does flowering tea work ?

Blooming tea, also known as flowering tea, is a type of tea consisting of binding a bundle of tea leaves around one or more dried flowers. The tea will blooms  when steeped because the bundle of tea leaves and flowers disbands, mimicking the opening of a blooming flower from a bulb. It is typically steeped in a glass teapot so that the full effect of the unfurling flower can be appreciated.


Fresh flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, jasmine and lilies are commonly used and combined with green tea leaves, though other teas are sometimes used instead, such as black tea or oolong tea.


Blooming tea originated in China in the 1980s and gained popularity in Western countries from the start of the twenty-first century. Its production is an incredibly intricate process, with authentic blooming tea bundles handcrafted and sewn together by Chinese artisans.


Though blooming tea is most known for the aesthetic effect of the flower, it is also full of benefits due to the combination of the green tea leaves, which are rich with antioxidants and amino acids, with the different flowers used, which contain their own vitamins and minerals.


Green tea is often used to promote weight loss by boosting metabolism, so blooming tea is an ideal choice for consumers looking for a metabolic boost. In addition, the combination of the tea leaves with a variety of flowers in blooming tea makes it a unique blend of beneficial antioxidants. This blend ensures a maximum defence against toxic substances and infections that enter the body and threaten its immune system. The caffeine found in blooming tea is also beneficial for decreasing fatigue and leaving the body feeling energised for the day, though this means it may not be the choice for tea drinkers who prefer to avoid caffeinated brands.


Many people drink tea to unwind because the temperature of the drink and simply the act of being able to sit down and enjoy it are soothing. The health benefits of blooming tea extend into the psychological as well because the expansion of the flower in the teapot provides an additional relaxing effect before the tea has even been consumed.


Specific benefits depend on the flower chosen to accompany the tea leaves. The theanine in green tea makes blooming tea a perfect brew for those looking to relax, but combining it with a lily will improve the quality of sleep for ultimate relaxation. Choosing a rose as the flower in your blooming tea assists blood flow, which in turn benefits the functioning of the heart, lungs and muscles. Jasmine is known for its liver-cleansing qualities.


The green tea alone aids the digestive system because of how it stimulates metabolism and the caffeine that can be used to alleviate constipation, but blooming tea combines it with different flowers to for maximum health benefits. Blooming tea is organic, which means that it is free of toxins and is a subsequent choice for anyone looking for a unique and healthy blend of tea. It is perfect for those who appreciate green tea, but also an interesting choice for any tea drinkers looking to try something new.

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