• How To Make Your Own Bubble Tea Pearls At Home?

    Bubble tea like pearl milk teas, fruit teas, signature teas, and more are among the most popular beverages in the entire world alongside coffee. There are two reasons to such popularity. One is because bubble tea is very versatile and has a lot of flavor variations. Second is because of the bubbles also known as boba, tropical tapioca, or boba pearl, which are fun and exciting to chew and eat. But how do you make your own bubble boba? And is it easy to make it at home?
  • Chinese Tea New Crop Taste

    It's 2021. It's a new year. You might as well start the year by trying out some new recipes and it will be hard for you to go wrong with a tea recipe that is more than a few centuries old. The Asian continent is still celebrated for its unique and remarkable tea culture. Namely in China, preparing tea is more than just mere routine, it is a ritual.
  • Is It Okay To Drink Tea Powder?

    In recent years, drinking tea and the consumption of different tea products have gained significant popularity worldwide. According to statistics, tea is the second most popular beverage consumed globally, following water. The US alone consumed more than 3.8 billion gallons of tea in 2018, according to Tea USA. During its more than 4000 years of history, the traditional tea had undergone many evolutions, which eventually led to what is known today as tea powder. This article will explore what this tea product is all about and find out if it is good or bad for you.
  • What is Spring Crop Tea?

    There's no doubt that tea has a long history. The first recorded use was before Christ came. Today, both as a beverage and a valuable agricultural product, tea is more popular than ever. In fact, countries such as China and India depend upon the tea harvest. Chinese tea actually has names for its teas, according to the seasons in which they're picked, and Spring is known to be the best time for tea harvesting.
  • 2021 Spring Tea Harvest

    There's one tea you drink to warm you up for the season, one with a rich history of welcoming traditions. It's the first batch, harvested in early march and served throughout the year and it's a tea with many names. Spring tea. Chinese tea. It's part of a country's tradition of preparing for a season when the flowers are in bloom. It's also part of a much larger Chinese tradition of having a tea name after each season, though the spring crop tea is undoubtedly the most popular.
  • Potential Health Benefits of Jiaogulan

    For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine was and is still currently held with admiration due to it's powerful healing methods. One of the significantly popular forms of these ancient medicines is used globally and considered a common solution to many ailments. Tea has been used for centuries as a cure to many common ailments including reducing fevers, headaches, blood pressure and much more. Different types of tea contain different plants or flowers, and it is the extraction of the chemical compounds found in them that are responsible for reducing pain and illness. These compounds are commonly used as a base for synthetic medications created for hospital and prescription use. There is still a lot of developing research on the efficacy of organic homeopathic treatments, but have been recognized as a temporary for thousands of years so it has traditional accreditation. If feeling unwell, maybe a cup of tea can brighten your day!
  • Thing You Need To Know About Sleeping Tea

    There is a lot of different teas, and effects of them. After some of them, we feel extra energized but with some others, we feel sleepy after the cup of it. We will focus on sleeping tea, what it does for your body and what exactly is in it to cause those effects. We've all been there where we can't sleep for a long time, so little help from a cup of tea isn't a bad idea. There are a lot of different sleeping teas for different people, sometimes can take a long time to find a perfect tea. Tea can taste very delicious but it doesn't work the miracle.
  • Why Is The Chinese Blooming Tea Popular?

    As history has told, there was a time when tea was viewed more as an art than as a healthy drink. The perfect example to showcase the artistic perception on tea is the Chinese blooming tea, which is believed to had originated from the province of Yunnan. The Chinese blooming tea, also known as Chinese flowering tea, blossoming tea, art tea, performance tea, or display tea, is very unique and exquisite because of its delightful appearance and remarkable taste. According to historical records, the Chinese blooming tea came to life when it was regularly prepared and consumed way back in the 10th century in the Chinese Royal Courts.
  • What is bubble tea hot pot like?

    Bubble tea, also known as boba or milk tea, has taken the world by storm in recent years. Bubble tea is an extremely versatile drink that can be prepared in countless ways. It is typically tea-based and can be made in a variety of flavors, and always includes the drink's signature chewy tapioca pearls. Bubble tea originates in Taiwan, and has been popular in east Asia since the late '80s. Nowadays, bubble tea is widely known and loved, not just in Asia, but all around the globe. With this huge surge in popularity, people are inventing new ways to adapt and enjoy this delicious beverage. Bubble tea has been made into cakes, puddings, milkshakes, and even pizza, but one of the most intriguing adaptations of the beverage is the invention of bubble tea hot pot.
  • When Is The Absolute Best Time to Drink Tea?

    When it comes to drinking tea, it is beyond easy to write it off as this simple thing that is not worth much consideration, but we presume that any reader of this writing is someone who cares quite a bit about their tea drinking experience. As someone who definitely cares more than just a bit about the quality of the tea that is consumed, but all the other 'best practices' of tea drinking, I can for sure say that there is a best time to drink tea.