• How is Duck Shit Aroma Oolong Tea taste like?

    Time flies fast, the 2021 is coming around the corner. If you ask me what tea is impressed me particularly in this year, The “Duck Shit Aroma Oolong “ is worthy of its aroma hits me mostly. Needless to say its funny name, I like its taste, mixing so naturally while making drinks in bubble tea direction.
  • How many ways should you brew aged white tea?

    White tea, becomes more and more popular in tea market in recent years due to its well-known reputation; especially for aged white tea, it is abundant in nutrient substance &valuable for collecting .
  • The Story of Jinjunmei Black Tea

    Jinjunmei, unique & lovely black tea which is from Tong Mu Guan village in the Wu Yi mountains. The full story goes in this way......
  • What flavor tea is suitable for a winter drink?

    Tea is a calming and soothing drink that can warm you up during the holidays. Not only will it warm you up physically, but it will also warm your mind, your soul and your heart. Tea has an extremely pleasant smell that will make you melt over the holidays. The top five winter teas I recommend are hot, and they include apple cinnamon herbal tea, chai tea, black caramel, pumpkin white chai, and a simple green tea. Below I will explain the benefits and yumminess of each tea. They are all unique from each other but simple and healthy.   Top 5 tea's for wintertime   ·Ginger black tea Ginger is widely used as a necessary warm ingredient in winter; it also plays a good role as medical material for health care. Beside for being used as daily food seasoning, ginger black tea is really good type of winter tea I would like to suggest. Refreshing & delicious warm you up tea drink   ·Aged tangerine peel puerh tea   Expect for ginger black tea, this one, tagerine peel puerh tea, one of my most favorite tea to drink in cold winter.  Ripe refined loose puerh tea are wrapped perfectly inside the whole hallow tangerine ; you can smell its natural & long-lasting tangerine fragrance when both of them are absorbed together. Sipping a cup of  such smooth hot tea helps calm down   · Black caramel tea Caramel scents in a black tea added with some jasmine is a magical blend that lingers once it's been devoured. Caramel is a favorite flavor among many, but this tea is a healthier version... as opposed to a caramel macchiato or a caramel frappuccino. Black tea is good for gut health, heart health, and can reduce your blood pressure.    · Apple cinnamon herbal tea Apple cinnamon is a staple scent over christmastime. It is an extremely popular winter flavor. This tea includes real chunks of cinnamon and apple pieces. Add some honey for added sweetness over the cheerful holidays. The benefits of this tea are that there is cinnamon and apple. Cinnamon has so many positive medicinal properties; it is loaded with antioxidants, has anti inflammatory properties and may cut out the risk of heart disease. Apples are very healthy too, you know what they say, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." I definitely recommend drinking this tea over the winter break!    · Green tea The basic green tea is a staple for many. Green tea is a year round drink that improves brain function, increases the metabolism and burns your fat faster, protects the brain health, helps prevent type 2 diabetes, and more. Green tea is especially yummy with some natural honey added.   There are a plethora of teas to choose from for each season. Why limit yourself to only one. Tea is healthy and soothes the body. There are so many healing properties in tea. I highly recommend trying out all the five teas listed above for a fun tea-filled holiday season.  
  • How Bubble Tea Became Far More Than Just a Drink to People Nowadays?

  • What Flowers Can Be Made into Blooming Tea?

    What flowers can be made into blooming tea? To answer this question, we first have to understand what tea is. Blooming Tea or Flowering Tea is a tea made from fresh leaves, stems, or buds. The leaves are not fermented, which means that they are still alive and in good condition at the time of making the tea.
  • How To Brew The Perfect Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is believed to have originated in Iran but during the Tang Dynasty travellers brought the flower to China along the silk road. The gentle taste and smooth floral tones of the jasmine tea has given the flower a permanent place in Chinese culture since as early as the 7th Century and there have been many offshoots into different versions of the tea made popular since.
  • What is Pu Erh Tea Blend Good For?

    The most prominent health benefits of puerh tea are a reduced risk of heart disease and inhibition of cancer. Studies show that puerh tea is effective in reducing levels of LDL cholesterol, which clogs the heart, and increasing HDL cholesterol, which protects the heart.
  • Jasmine Green Tea and Jasmine Tea - What is the difference?

    If you are still a complete beginner on your journey towards becoming a tea enthusiast, you might be confused with all the terms and jargon that seasoned tea lovers love to throw around, which is completely understandable. One of the most confusing stuff about the world of tea is the name of the teas themselves
  • How Is Blooming Tea Made?

    At first, fresh silver tea needles or buds, usually the green or white ones, are carefully sewn along with the fresh flowers and then turned into a ball by those skillful tea artisans in China. The sewing process is highly important as it is where the blooming tea is shaped and one wrong move could mean that the tea could not bloom into its intended shape if it could bloom at all.