• 4 Ways Of Drinking Tea In Ancient China

    Even before civilization, different people around the world used to enjoy a specific type of drink. The Chinese, in particular, discovered the world's most favorite drink that is tea, commonly known as Jia' in Chinese dialect. The Chinese took tea with utmost regard that different prolific Chinese authors wrote different books describing this mind-stimulating beverage. If you are a tea enthusiast or you want to satisfy your curiosity about this mood-changing drink, then read on as this article got you covered. We summarize tea's fascinating history and origin and the 4 ways people enjoyed this beverage in ancient China.
  • What is the most popular blend of tea?

    There exist a variety of tea blends that one can choose from. These blends are the black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea among others. Blending here refers to the act of mixing different types of teas together to produce a product that shall be preferred more by consumers due to its taste. The popularity of a certain tea blend depends on the customer's preference to it. Amongst all these, there are exist the most popular one.
  • Which Tea Powder Is The Best?

    Tea is a drink that generally consists of pouring hot water over the dried or fresh leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tree. Tea can be categorized by how the leaves are processed, they are White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Black, and Post-fermented or Dark. They can also come in many forms and the ones we will be comparing today are Tea Powders.
  • How to make your own bubble tea from scratch ?

    Instead of champagne, celebrated with bubble tea at your party or your home. It's the most wonderful treat that will take you back to your childhood and even spice up your entire life once you start doing it. Rather than going out for coffee, you can make your bubble tea. It's a way for you to connect with your family and friends. Preparing your favorite tea can be a means of easing your homesickness. You'd ease your search for stores that take all the time and effort to create their drinks properly, brewing their tea from leaves rather than powders, which might leave that telltale aftertaste though. Here are ways of making your bubble tea from scratch~~
  • What is Pyramid Tea Bag Infusers?

    Tea bags and infusers come in many different shapes and sizes-- infusers are found in the market in unique forms such as dinosaurs and whales. However, not all bags and infusers are created equally, and when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea, the shape does matter.
  • Is Flowering Tea Healthy?

    Flowering tea is quite a sight to see. With tea leaves bundled around dried flowers, the result is not only a delicious tea but also a stunning decor item to impress guests with (definitely invest in a clear teapot so you can see the flowers soak)
  • How do you properly blend tea?

    The art of how do you properly blend tea is an art that not only needs to be learned but practiced regularly. It's not just the art of mixing the different varieties of leaves that is important, but learning how to balance and adjust the flavor of each variety. After all, while you might be a fan of a particular blend of green tea, that does not mean that you will also like a particular brand of black tea. And while you might not think that your favorite flavor tea qualifies as blended tea, this article will explain the difference between loose leaf tea and what is considered a blended beverage.
  • What tea are good to mix together?

    If you are looking for a new tea-drinking experience, you might want to try creating your own mixed tea to get the perfect flavor profile that you crave. Just purchase a few basic flavors and create a custom blend that is all your own, that just might surprise you with health benefits. There is some scientific evidence that shows green tea, in particular, may help improve cardiac health. Some herbal teas have properties that can help relieve stress or calm you down naturally, while others are refreshing without caffeine.
  • How tea is enjoyed around the world?

    Everyone knows that each country has its history, customs, and cultures, and so it is with cups of tea. Tea traditions evolve in different ways depending on each part of the world. Today tea is adored for its great variety, for its delicious taste, and, besides, for all the benefits it brings to health and its rejuvenating effects. Around the world, there is a wide variety of ways to prepare and enjoy tea. Here we will tell you how tea is enjoyed in some parts of the world.
  • Jasmine Tea Making Process

    Our jasmine pearl scented tea, it is scented together with the jasmine to make the jamine green tea, For producing high quality jasmine tea, basically at least 5 batches of fresh jasmine flowers are needed, so that the teas can completely absord the jasmine aroma, and its infusability is longer than the low quality ones. Again, for high quality jasmine tea, you will find no jasmine pedals or just few in the teas. Here goes jasmine tea making process