• My Favorite Matcha Tea Drink

    We all know that tea drinks are one of the most calming and delightful drinks that we consume every day. Not only is it satisfying, but tea drinks also have a lot of health benefits. Tea contains antioxidants and is good for your heart health. No matter what the season, tea drinks can be a tasty beverage since they can be served iced or hot. Making your favorite tea drink recipes is also a relaxing activity that pleases your mind, tummy, and soul.
  • Hot Bubble Tea

    Hot bubble tea is a new trend that has taken the nation by storm. However, many people are yet to understand what it is and how it fits into their everyday lifestyle. It happens to be the latest addition to the list of fruit-based beverages. The article below sheds light on all aspects of this magnificent invention;

    If you've only recently begun your tea journey, you might be wondering why your most recent cup tasted like boiling water. Every tea user has been there: you make your first cup only to discover it lacks taste. But don't worry, we'll show you how to brew a delicious cup of tea down below.
  • What is in boba tea kit?

    Bubble Tea was originated in Taiwan and now has become a popular drink worldwide! It is a tea-based drink and/or mixed with milk thus "milk tea", that is accompanied with chewy tapioca pearls or commonly known as "boba" or "pearls", but it can with go with other toppings or sinkers as well such as puddings, QQ jelly, aloe vera, grass jelly, rock salt and cheese, etc. Bubble tea has many variants and flavors to choose from but the most popular flavor nowadays are "Pearl Milktea" and "Brown Sugar Milktea".
  • What Is Fermenting Tea?

    For thousands of years, tea has remained to be the second most popular drink after water. Having been discovered at around 2700 B.C in China, this mood-changing and mind-stimulating drink have been processed and produced into different flavors to suit everybody's tea-drinking preference. One of the most notable types that have been made and refined over the years is fermented tea. Whether you are a tea enthusiast or try something new to suit your dynamic drinking taste preference, read on as this article got you covered. We help you understand in detail what fermented tea drink is, how it came to existence, the types and potential health benefits you stand to gain if you take this wholesome drink.
  • Can you drink blooming tea?

    An antioxidant tea that may help enhance metabolism, protect the skin, reduce stress, improve dentally and reduce inflammation, among other things. Aid in the treatment of respiratory diseases, improving eyesight, and promoting excellent digestion.
  • What is special about oolong tea powder?

    Since ancient times, humans from all cultures and every continent have luxuriated in the art of drinking freshly brewed tea. From the opulent African lands of Malawi and Senegal to the refined Asian countries of China and Japan, tea drinking has always been and still remains an important and intrinsic part of every day life, for both social occasions as well as for holistically medicinal reasons.
  • What Exactly is Boba Tea and Why does it taste so Good?

    What comes to mind when you heard about boba tea or bubble tea? I'm sure it's the flavor of the tea, the tapioca pearl inside, the taste, etc. But what exactly is boba tea? Why is this drink so popular, and does it tastes so good? What makes the boba taste so good? Cmon, let's find out.!
  • What Is Loose Leaf Tea Used For?

    Dating back to ancient China centuries ago, loose leaf tea has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. In modern times, loose leaf tea continues to be popular due to its many other uses.
  • 4 Ways Of Drinking Tea In Ancient China

    Even before civilization, different people around the world used to enjoy a specific type of drink. The Chinese, in particular, discovered the world's most favorite drink that is tea, commonly known as Jia' in Chinese dialect. The Chinese took tea with utmost regard that different prolific Chinese authors wrote different books describing this mind-stimulating beverage. If you are a tea enthusiast or you want to satisfy your curiosity about this mood-changing drink, then read on as this article got you covered. We summarize tea's fascinating history and origin and the 4 ways people enjoyed this beverage in ancient China.