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Lapsang Souchong

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Origin: Fujian, China 

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Lapsang Souchongs’History And Origin

Lapsang souchong, broadly renowned as a "smoky tea" or "burned tea", it's a Chinese black tea, origin in the Wuyi Highlands, which is dehydrated above pine burn. 


As with many happy accidents, a legend accompanies this tea. It is said that the process originated in the Qing Dynasty, when a troop of soldiers passed through a village on their journey, lodging for the night in a tea factory. The inconvenience of their unexpected guests slowed down the tea they were processing—meaning that unless they sped the process somehow, it would not get to market in time to sell. They lit fires of pine to rush the tea along, and in turn infused the leaves with the distinctive smokiness that makes this tea so unusual.

Flavor and Aroma

The pine burn grants an exceptional smoky superiority to the fragrance of the drink, which, in its smokier manifestations, is portrayed as using a smell like a pit fire smoke. The ordinary tea drink, be that as it may, are significantly more unpretentious in their smoky smells, and all the more nearly look like other superb Chinese black drinks, for example, Keemun. 

How to Brew Lapsang Souchong?

Lapsang Souchong is brewed similarly to any black tea, though you'll find experimenting with your own parameters can really bring out the flavors you like best—more smoke, less smoke, more sweetness, more floral and fruit notes.

You can use a gaiwan (though remember—the temperatures required for black tea will make your gaiwan very hot to handle), which will also work handily for reinfusing.

Dose Start with a small dose of Lapsang Souchong—5 grams, for a 6 ounce Gaiwan or cup-top infuser.

Water Bring your good quality water (filtered, spring, but not distilled) to a boil. You'll pour the water off right after the boil, so have your tea ready.

Prescribed Method For Storage

The package circumstances for this drink are not critical. To avoid decay, you would be wise to stock them in a water/air proof, dim, dry room open of peculiar scents .Lapsang souchong is a matured tea, as the storing time builds, the kind of these tea variations. Two-year-old this tea has lovely dry organic product aroma. If preserved in a water/air proof holder for quite a long while, enabling them to period, the maturing taste will turn out to be more obvious.

Health Benefits

Like different sorts of black brewed tea, Lapsang Souchong is useful in permitting simplicity of bloodstream without symptoms. The compound arrangement of this tea leaves likewise advances mental core interest. Another similarly advantageous wellbeing effect of black tea is its commitment to performing mitigating recuperating capacities along the stomach related tract.

This is special kind of tea is likewise looked for its restorative impact specifically on conditions related to intestinal and gastric zones of the human body. Synthetic segments, for example, Tannins found in this tea is known to stops looseness of the bowels and decline intestinal movement.

Other chemical compounds of this tea are seen as powerful in preventing cholesterol-related conditions. A chemical compound like Theophylline can anticipate cholesterol develop by facilitating blood stream. Furthermore, this compound is additionally crucial to patients with asthma. Theophylline empowers aviation route to grow in this manner facilitating up the difficulty of breathing among patients.

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