BTK-004 Spring Premium Keemun Hao Ya B


Gong Fu Tea

Item Code: BTK-004

Origin: Anhui, China 

MOQ: 20KG 

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Keemun hao ya B black tea is a highly enchanting, premium tea with a beautiful soul in it. 

Depending on the dialect, it may be referred to as Qimen Gong Fu or Keemun Gong Fu. The Gong Fu tea is acclaimed for its heavenly aroma of Chinese spring-time rain, its lush flavor, and superb originality. It has gorgeous red liquor emitted upon brewing of its leaves. It is held in high esteem and is considered a special delicacy. It is a god in the tea arena. 

Keemun Gong Fu Black Tea Production

Its production hails from a county called Qimen in China's Anhui Province hence the name. Keemun is the English version. It was initially produced in 1875 by Yu Ganchen, a dejected civil servant, in the province of Fujian. He studied the production of black tea and produced the first cup of Keemun black tea. The fact that it was so well crafted ensured it gained popularity very fast in China before becoming a common English breakfast item.

How to Brew Keemun Black Tea

The ceremony of its drinking is intricate. For best results, it is highly essential that brewing is done in the correct designated manner. Improper brewing can result in an undesirable brew that is bitter.


Use 8 ounces of either purified or spring water;

Add 1.5 teaspoons of the tea leaves;

Brew at 90 degrees Celsius for 4 minutes

NOTE: In the event that you are brewing Haoya tea leaves, it is crucial that you lower the temperature at which you brew just a bit. High temperature may scorch the leaves emitting a bitter brew.

Attributes of Keemun Gong Fu Black Tea

A master brewing will result in a clear red color in the teacup with a semi-floral, somewhat smoky tropical aroma. The flavor is easy to tell since it is one of a kind, very rich, fruity taste. The leaves can be reused to get the most out of their flavor as far as it is known.

The Production Process of Keemun Gongfu Black Tea

The process of creating this masterpiece is an elaborate and involving one. It is paramount that the leaves be picked during the Spring and the Summer of every year, and upon plucking, only the topmost bud accompanied by two or three leaves are taken as the primal material to create the masterpiece. At this point, hand separation of the leaves is done to get the best of them for optimum refinement as this is most important ever to a number of people who are much involved in this. 
Fermentation of the leaves is undertaken to change the leaf color from green to a black-brown shade. Finally, they are packaged for sale.

The Health Benefits of Keemun Gong Fu Tea

It is highly energizing and is a memory booster. It helps to do away with fatigue. 
It is also a great tool for weight loss since it improves metabolism.
It is a great antioxidant thus helps in battling cancer.
It is a great coffee alternative since it has caffeine in it.
It has even been claimed to significantly lower the risk of contracting Parkinson's disease.

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