BTFE-005 Fujian Imperial Golden Monkey Black Tea


Golden Monkey Black Tea

Item Code: BTFE-005

Origin: Fujian, China 


The Fabled High-quality Golden Monkey Black Tea

The golden monkey black tea is a highly prized tea originating from Fujian province in China. This tea has been grown for nearly 1700 years and was mainly consumed by the native people where it was found. Due to its rare nature, the locals believed it gave them astounding agility and also boost their sexual powers. The golden monkey grows at an altitude of 1200m. The leaves come in a nice golden pale hue appearance and are shaped like the claws of a monkey hence the name. This black tea features tantalizing fruity notes and a refreshing aroma and is nonastringent ensuring it provides a perfect relaxation mood after a long day. We supply this highly prized tea that comes with a sublime fruity taste to clients who relish it.


The process of making the golden black tea involves plucking of its topmost fresh leaves and bud to guarantee superb quality. The leaves are then aired out in the sun to initiate the withering process of the leaves. Regular rolling of the leaves ensures they are perfectly dry to prepare them for the next stage which involves fermenting them. Fermentation aids in bringing out the true flavor profile of the tea when it is brewed. Once fermentation is complete, the leaves are then dried into thin twisted strips and packaged in airtight containers to preserve its freshness and aroma while shipping.


We as professional suppliers know that proper storage technique is quintessential to the quality and flavor of the tea. We store our tea in opaque packaging that is airtight and in pristine conditions to protect it from sunlight, heat, air, and moisture giving it a long shelf life of 36 months. All these factors can degrade the tea making it bitter, destroy the nutrients and flavors. So here is some tip we use and can also be applied at home to store golden monkey black tea to ensure your tea is always fresh at all times. Use airtight dry jars to store your tea leaves as this prevents them from absorbing moisture that can lead to the growth of mildew, the jar also keep out air which ruins the flavor. Storing of your black tea leaves in a cool place keeps them fresh so avoid areas with direct sunlight, next to heat sources such as ovens and cooking stoves as the heat they produce and that from sun's light will lower nutrient levels in your tea making it less beneficial to you. Opting for zip bags to store your leaves is also a good alternative as it's easily sealed after use.

The monkey black tea that we supply is loaded with numerous health benefits making it the best choice for people who seek to ameliorate their health status. The regular consumption of this tea keeps your blood vessels in tip-top condition as it averts heart attacks by lowering bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that consuming at least 4 cups a day can significantly lower bad cholesterol which is a major factor in stokes and other coronary diseases. It's also loaded with thearubigens and theaflavins which are excellent antioxidants. This tea is also known to aid in digestion, enhance the development of healthy bones, leaves you with a radiant skin, aids in losing weight and leaves you feeling energetic after each consumption.


Golden black tea is a flavorful drink that comes with an array of health benefits. If you are interested in a premium tea with great taste and wish to buy it, we are the best supplier to cater to your need for this legendary healthy black tea rich in caffeine that ensures your metabolism works well and assist you in losing weight leaving you feeling energetic and healthy with every piquant sip.


There are some primary competitive advantages of our company's golden black tea:

1. Basic Advantage: We have our own golden monkey black tea plantation base, which has a competitive price, for bigger quantity, the price can be more lowered;

2. Certificate: Organic-certified and EU conventional;

3. Quality Control: Experienced QC Team always strictly check the products before packing, ensure to deliver the high-quality products to clients;

4. Logo and Package: OEM & ODM package and customized logo; 

5. Company Information: 10 years tea export experience;

We are the professional supplier of golden black tea. If you want to buy black tea. Why don't you choose us? Maybe that's a good choice for you. Welcome your inquiry. All our clients can buy our tea without worry.


Guangzhou Runming Tea has teams of skillful, experienced sales staff with over 10 years experience in tea and exporting.

Our sales team can provide professional tea product knowledge of introduction, profound market analysis, hot-selling products recommendation, package solutions, new products notices, and complete after-sales service such as videos of packing products and timely updating logistics notice, etc.


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Guangzhou Runming Tea Company focuses on manufacturing and exporting EU&USDA organic-certified teas, EU standard Chinese speciality teas and special Chinese Kongfu teawares.

Having our own tea plantation bases and preliminary factories in the famous tea-growing areas in China, we strictly control over every tea-making process to guarantee our Maocha’s quality, taste, aroma & appearance.

Besides, we also have our own high sanitation, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including the packing workshop, pyramid tea bag OEM workshop, Matcha To Go OEM workshop, etc. For the health of human, we always advocate organic life attitude, and devote to be the advocator and leader of organic teas.

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