Where do you store loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf tea is a favorite among people who appreciate beverages that boast stronger flavors. If you're a fan of Chinese tea that's flavorful and fresh, then you should look into the loose leaf category. It's crucial to make sure that you know how to store this kind of tea in the appropriate manner as well. The right storage practices can make you feel like your beverage came to you straight from the tea factory, after all.


It can be beneficial to store this tea inside of a container that's airtight. Make sure the container isn't transparent at all. If you store your tea this way, then you may be able to boost its longevity. If you don't want your loose leaf tea to go bad prematurely, this storage strategy can work out in your favor. You can keep your tea tasty and fresh by safeguarding its leaves from the negative effects of moisture, light, heat and, last but not least, air.


The container isn't the only important part of loose leaf tea storage. The location is equally important. You should store your loose leaf tea in a spot that's both dark and cool. Make a point to steer clear of placing your tea close to heat. You should say no to putting your tea close to a window that receives a lot of sun. You should say no to putting it close to a radiator, stove or anything else similar as well.


Be sure to resist the temptation to keep your loose leaf tea inside of your freezer or refrigerator. Tea leaves soak up moisture that's present inside of the air. If you store your tea in a place that's overly cold, it will soak up its moisture. It will take in its smells, too. If you insist on putting your loose leaf tea inside of your freezer or fridge, however, you should use a vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer can spare you from all stress factors that involve smells and moisture levels. If you plan on using a vacuum sealer to safeguard your loose leaf tea inside of a freezer or a fridge, then you should let it get to room temperature prior to opening.


You should refrain from touching this kind of tea using hands that are either damp or wet. If you've just washed your hands, then you should dry them meticulously prior to opening up your loose leaf tea container. If you use a spoon, take the time to dry it beforehand as well. Small amounts of moisture can bring on mold development, after all. The last thing you want is for mold to destroy your precious loose leaf tea for good.


If you store your loose tea leaf inside of an airtight container in a place that's both dark and cool, it should remain fresh and delicious for roughly 12 months in total. Once a year has gone by, the taste of the tea may become markedly less prominent.

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