What is flavor tea?

Flavor blend tea is a flavor blended tea. It contains everything that you get from brewing a regular tea leaf with the addition of multiple flavors and sweetners. Flavor blended teas are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without it getting in the way of your daily diet.

The flavor blend tea is a mixture of two or more distinct dried herbs and spices, all of which are usually organic in nature. The idea behind it is to produce a flavored tea as an alternative to using sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as preserve the natural flavour of fresh herbs.


Flavor-blend tea is a mix of flavored and regular tea, usually in the ratio of 1 to 3. It’s a great way for tea drinkers who love the taste of black tea but want something more interesting than just straight green or white tea. This delicious blend can be flavored with spices, fruit, herbs or flowers. 

Flavored tea is a great way to make your daily hot beverage a fun and tasty experience. When you make the switch from coffee to tea, it’s important to know that with no chemicals and additive, there’s no aftertaste.


We all know that drinking tea is better for you than drinking coffee. But instead of falling back on your old routine, spice up your life with our organic teas. We know what’s missing in traditional tea bags, and we deliver a great tasting cup every time.

It's no secret that people love the taste of real fruit in their drinks. That's why so many people enjoy flavored teas. With such flavors as watermelon, guava, and mango, flavored tea make hot beverages a fun experience while they help you drink more water!


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