What is citrus tea good for?

Citrus is abundant in vitamin C to enhance immunity, folate to boost your reproductive health and also potassium which controls the balance of electrolyte in the body.


Citrus tea is a refreshing and tasty drink that you could easily make at home. It depends on your preferences, you could make lemon tea using fresh lemons only, or by mixing it with other ingredients. Whichever recipe you prefer, citrus can add numerous benefits. Mix them to suit your needs. One example is black tea with high caffeine which is great for morning tea time, adding citrus or lemon can offer more benefits.


Here are some advantages of citrus tea and why is it good to include every day.


Detoxifies The Body


The citric acid content is amazingly high, helping in cleaning the liver. Consuming citrus tea on an empty stomach early in the morning helping in removing all the toxins and wastes gathered in the liver and as a result, it completely detoxifies the body.


Boosts Digestive Function


Citrus tea contains only a little portion of carbohydrates that can be found in the form of dietary fibres and simple sugars. These fibres task is to slow down the simple sugars processing, thus regulating metabolism and strengthening gut health. Taking a cup of citrus tea after a heavy meal will significantly make digestion better.


Fights Infectious Ailments


adding a bit of honey into your citrus tea and taking it after each meal, while suffering from cold and cough helps to ease the symptoms of discomfort, examples of those are phlegm and body pain. The antioxidants found in citrus extracts can effectively alleviate congestion in the chest also, helping for a fast recovery from infectious ailments.


Increases Skin Wellness


Citrus tea contains astringent properties, which operates to get rid of dead skin cells and refresh your face. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory traits, which can fight acne, pimples and eczema, enhancing overall skin health.


Improves Heart Health


The plant flavonoids which is present in citruses such as diosmin and hesperidin have the capability to lower cholesterol. Furthermore, sipping on a warm citrus tea every evening can avoid the happening of stroke, cardiac ailments and immensely augment heart health.


Treats Inflamed Gums


The citric acid and vitamin C levels in citrus tea being high naturally, mixed with the pacifying and pain-relieving nature of a warm glass of citrus tea makes it an efficient home remedy for swollen gums.


Regulates Blood Sugar


The tea leaf extract which is the main ingredients found in citrus tea has the capability to enhance insulin synthesis by the pancreas, it also enhances and balances the hormonal activity in your body. By this, it helps the control of sudden rise in blood sugar levels especially for people with diabetes. It also preserves optimal metabolism, regulates appetite and maintains normal blood glucose effectively in the system.

Citrus tea is essentially a big boost of nutrition and enhances liver, heart, stomach and skin health. Always remember to add it to your diet every day.

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