What is Tea Bag Good For?

Well, of course, a tea bag is good to make a perfect cup of tea. But is that all? No, your pouch tea bag can serve a lot many purposes, and that too after you have already used it to make tea. Sounds interesting right? So, let us waste no time and straight away get to learn the different ways you can use your teabag.


Re-hydrate dry skin


Re-brew your used tea bag and let the water cool. Now, pour it in a spray bottle and spritz it onto your dry skin. You will be left amazed at the way it can re-hydrate your dry skin and give it a nice glow. Though you can use any tea, green tea will prove to be more effective.


Make an air freshener


When you have tea pouches at home, you need not spend a good amount on any air freshener.


After you have made a cup of tea, let the tea pouch dry completely. Next, add about 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil to the bag and then place it in your dresser drawers or even hang it in your laundry room.


Get rid of dark circles


Have you tried everything to get rid of dark circles with little to no results? Well, it is time you give your used pyramid tea bag a try.


Once you have used the tea sachet keep them in your fridge and let them cool well. Now, hold the bags against both your eye at least for a few minutes, preferably before you go to bed.


The caffeine present in the tea will help shrink the blood vessels present around your eyes. It feels super relaxing and you are sure to feel a lot more refreshed the next morning.


Heal swollen gums


Certainly, you do not know that tea bags can prove helpful in healing your mouth. Dentists too have suggested using black tea sachets as a temporary remedy after you get your tooth extracted. This is because tea pouches can shrink the swollen blood vessels, prevent bleeding, and even kill some bacteria.


What you need to do is just press one wet cooled black tea pouch against the swollen gum, while also surrounding the tooth. Let it stay there for about 5 minutes and you will get some relief. However, if the bleeding still continues then you must visit your doctor.


Neutralize Odor


Garbage cans can cause a very unpleasant smell in the house. If you too are experiencing such an issue, then you have your teabag to your rescue. Just drop a few used dried tea pouches at the bottom of the garbage can and the problem of bad odor will be solved.


Not only garbage cans, but you can also throw used and dried tea pouches in your fridge and even your shoes and help make them smell fresher.


To Conclude -


These are just a few ways and tea bags can be used for many other purposes. This definitely is a great piece of news for tea lovers. Not only can a tea pouch help brew a perfect cup of tea for you, but it will also prove immensely useful even after. 

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