What is Pyramid Tea Bag Infusers?

Tea bags and infusers come in many different shapes and sizes-- infusers are found in the market in unique forms such as dinosaurs and whales. However, not all bags and infusers are created equally, and when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea, the shape does matter.

 Tea bags vs. Infusers

A tea infuser is a way for tea enthusiasts to make tea from loose-leaf blends or create custom blends from raw ingredients. Traditionally shaped tea bags often inhibit the flavor of the tea because they do not have enough space to expand and release the flavor. Traditional tea bags can also have a "dusty" taste due to being packaged in paper rather than the silk first brewed in 8th century China.


Some tea connoisseurs argue that the best tea only comes from that which has been freely brewed with no bag and then carefully strained. However, this can be more complicated and time-consuming for the average tea drinker. And a large pyramid tea infuser or pyramid-shaped tea bag mimics the same taste without hassles.


 Shapes and Sizes

Unique shapes and tea infusers made of silicone are becoming more popular and are a way to present tea in a fun way. Although these bagless options will allow you to create your own blends and play with different teas, they are similar to tea bags because they do not help develop the flavors during the brewing process.


The same problem occurs with tea balls, which are a standard for many drinkers. The relatively small size restricts the movement of the ingredients. That is why the shape of the pyramid tea infuser or pyramid-shaped tea bag is the best choice for a nice cup of tea.  


The size of the pyramid is large enough to develop flavor and accommodate a large number of ingredients, making a more sophisticated blend. Spices, dried fruits, flower pieces, and whole tea leaves all fit nicely into a pyramid infuser and provide flavor profiles and options that are not available in ordinary tea bags.


If you want the convenience of a filter tea bag, look for styles that incorporate the pyramid shape. They will provide higher quality ingredients and are made from materials that are more porous than the standard. This will help more of the flavor escape the bag and give you a better, more concentrated flavor in your cup with less time spent steeping.


Brands that offer pyramid-shaped bags also tend to make bags that are better for on-the-go usage. They can take more wear and tear than traditional bags, so you create less mess with each cup you brew, and by reducing bitterness, pyramid bags and infusers may open tea up as an option for those who previously did not like the flavor.


If you are on a quest to make the perfect cup of tea, the pyramid shape is by far the best choice for the maximum flavor. Since unique tea blends can be costly, the pyramid shape will help you achieve full flavor at a lower price and reduce the amount of time you need to steep. They are a luxurious staple in the kitchen of any tea drinker.


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