What is Pu Erh Tea Blend Good For?

The unique properties of the puerh tea blend have both tea fanatics and anyone health conscious chasing after it. It comes from the Yunnan province of China and has been around for an indefinite amount of time. More recently, that is the late twentieth century, it has become popular in the west for it's health value. But it is more than a medical treatment or a weight loss solution.

What is puerh tea blend?

The puerh tea blend consists of sun-dried leaves that are then fermented. After fermentation, the tea is packaged into small cakes or bricks for storage. Many agree that the flavor of the tea improves with age. Just break off a piece of the brick or cake to brew it. It is brewed the same way as black or oolong tea, opening or rinsing the leaves with hot water first and then brewing it, It is a semi-rare tea that can be very expensive. particularly when it is aged.

What is puerh tea blend good for?

The most prominent health benefits of puerh tea are a reduced risk of heart disease and inhibition of cancer. Studies show that puerh tea is effective in reducing levels of LDL cholesterol, which clogs the heart, and increasing HDL cholesterol, which protects the heart. It is also found that puerh tea decreases fat accumulation and fat absorption into the blood stream thus managing obesity, often associated with heart disease. The antioxidant properties of tea are what contribute to the inhibition of cancer. The antioxidants present in the tea have the effect of killing the breast cancer and other cancer cells in test tube research, There is more research yet to be done, but the study shows promise of the tea having a similar affect when drunk by humans.

Green tea and black tea have also proven to possess these health benefits, so how is puerh tea special? Well, the health benefits of puerh tea go beyond those of other teas because of the fermented leaves. Fermented foods tend to contain healthy probiotics that can improve digestion and immunity. So, although puerh tea shouldn't be considered exactly a medicine, it may have the power to improve health and help to create a firm foundation for healthy eating. The attraction of puerh tea, however, is more than a that of a dietary supplement. Puerh tea is ancient and somewhat rare. The rich, earthy flavor it produces has multiple layers that can vary widely depending on harvesting, preparation, and storage. 

The aging process also allows for the tea to develop a bold, dark taste without possessing any of the acidity or dryness of the typical black tea. A large degree of craftsmanship can go into making a good puerh, and people enjoy the wide variety of flavor that may come from it. Aged puerh is also commonly suggested for inducing tea-drunkenness.

That being said, by all means drink puerh tea as an element of your healthy diet but be sure to enjoy it. It's more than medicine, it's a work of art and a delightful experience.

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