What is Bubble Tea Made Of?

Bubble tea has evolved past its reputation as a drink to be quenched in the summer and is now more than just tapioca pearls on the bottom. In fact, you can even make it at home if you want to! With flavors ranging from mango to lychee, avocado to chocolate, bubble tea shops are great places to explore your tastes.


Here I would like to share these ingredients of bubble tea made of.


1. Tea

You can find black tea, jasmine green tea, four season oolong tea commonly in bubble tea shop. But you also can find some flavor oolong tea, such as peach oolong tea, rose oolong tea, lychee oolong tea etc with prepare cup of fruit tea, iced tea as well.


If you want to make a good taste cup of bubble tea, better to choose high quality tea leaves as tea base.


2. Milk

Most of bubble tea shop chose creamer to prepare cup of bubble milk tea due to its heavy milk aroma can match tea taste well; however some prefer to fresh whole milk if they pursue stronger tea taste


3. Sweetener

So many various types of syrup in market ; the rate of sweetness differs even from one brand. So syrup is also another soul of good cup of bubble milk tea . You need to find right syrup to match the bubble tea ,then it can improve the overall taste


4. Ice

It always need ice for cup of boba milk tea no matter hot or cold, just depends on how cool your tea gets will determine how much iced you need


5. Tapioca Pearls

It wont be perfect boba milk tea if without tapioca pears. Image sipping tea, and these fresh , chewy, good floral & tasty pearls in your whole mouth, really amazing.


For those of you who are experiencing bubble tea for the first time, you're in for a treat. The flavor selection is beyond your wildest dreams, and the toppings are more creative than you could ever imagine. Even if you are a regular, there is always room for improvement as you work off the calories from your drink by dancing on the tables! The waiter or waitress might even bring you a fresh new pair of chopsticks to use while you dance!

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