What are the new trends in tea

The new trends in tea are up there with the hottest topics of today and it has everything to do with how the tea culture is being ushered in India. The fashion for tea houses has more than doubled in the last couple of years. Tea culture is a subculture that rose from a widespread phenomenon as stated by an article published in Mint, which also notes that every time an Indian city changes hands, tea culture and its influence follows suit. The following are some of the new trends in tea;


1.OEM tea factory


This is a factory that is set up by an entrepreneur who is also a tea expert or aficionado from outside the traditional tea manufacturing group. They are usually set up in places where there is a high demand for good quality tea that is affordable.


2. Curaçao Tea


Other than Assam, the other tea producing state, which has a long standing tradition and an established tea culture, Curaçao is another country that produces a fair share of quality caffeine. It comes from the Dutch islands of Curacao and Aruba, both of which were colonies in the past. It is delightful to discover that it was first served at the courts of European royalty during Victorian times.


3.Chinese tea


This is a tea that originates from China, which has long been an object of admiration in the tea world. This is not surprising because it is one of the oldest societies on earth where tea has been constantly used for centuries. It is said that it was first served to Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuan Zhong who was a fan of this beverage.


4. Green Tea


This is basically found in the same places that green coffee and Maocha are grown which include Taiwan, Japan, China and India.


5. Flavored tea


This is not a new trend but it has been revived recently as people are opting for non-caffeinated beverages. You can find thousands of flavoured teas in the market today. This could be because many people are trying to kick the coffee and caffeine habit or they are just looking for a change of flavour. The taste buds are always in search of that next great thing and there is no reason why you shouldn't keep up with them.


6. Tea Houses


This is a place where tea lovers congregate and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. While it may seem like a place to discover more about the tea culture, they are more than inviting people to come and learn more about this beverage. It is slightly different from an ordinary cafe because the main focus is on tea. You can talk about your favourite teas, discuss global trends in tea and enjoy them with friends or colleagues. This is a popular trend because it has helped create a social gathering where people can go for such occasions as birthdays or Christmas parties by communicating through text messages or blogs.


7. Tea Tours


This is like a tour of a winery that would have been designed to cater to the lovers of wine. In this case, they are designed to suit people who are interested in the tea culture. They usually focus on the history and the process of making tea instead of just stopping at the factory and chewing some Maocha. They allow you to explore the surrounding areas, learn about some ancient traditions around tea and discover how traditional societies make this beverage. 

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