What You Need To Learn Before Drinking Bubble Tea

Lately, there is one of the drinks which has stirred the beverage market and swept across most of the Western countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and so forth, and it's called bubble tea. This particular tea-based beverage was originated from Taiwan and the name "bubble" comes from the major ingredient added to the tea itself to create a soft and tender but elastic texture. There are other alternative names to the bubble tea, including but not limited to, bubble milk tea, pearl milk tea, boba tea, but basically they represent the same beverage just under different naming or usage.

Why is it called bubble tea?

Bubble tea may have diverse variations across the globe but primarily consists of the following signature ingredients including milk, sugar, tea, and of course, bubbles. The name bubble may be derived from the transliteration of the word boba, where they are made from tapioca starch and then shaped into a ball size about one centimeter in diameter. There are also bubbles with different sizes and can be as small as to half a centimeter in diameter, or as large as nearly two centimeters in diameter, either provide different texture in drinks or even some desserts. Generally, basic bubbles don't possess any kind of flavor or sweetness and their major purpose is to provide elastic texture in drinks and may create a sort of satiety. They can be sweetened by adding sugar or just boiled in sweetened liquid like syrup, and can also be colored by adding either extract or juice from natural ingredients like taro, beets, or just artificial coloring.

Bubble tea types and flavors

We now have bubble tea, which is also known as boba tea or milk tea. Its origin began as a traditional beverage in Taiwan which later on spread all over the world after being popular in the United States. The unique thing about bubble tea is its various forms and flavors. The following are some of the flavors of bubble tea:

Classic Milk Tea With Pearls

This is, by far, the most classic and most popular type of bubble tea that people tend to order up to today. It comprises of black tea that contains milk powder and sugar. The pearls are made of tapioca pearls which come from cassava root.

Fruit Tea

This is the preferred type of beverage for people who want to play it safe with their beverage options and for those who have never tried bubble tea before. This is basically iced tea that contains fruit flavors such as lychee or watermelon. 


This is a popular flavor of bubble tea that is a traditional Chinese melon which is comprised of a caramel flavor. This flavor is not to be confused with the taste of watermelon, which most people get confused for.

Matcha Bubble Tea

This is the healthiest flavor of bubble tea, since it comes from green tea which has numerous known health benefits. It can also be ordered with almond milk and chia seeds as toppings for added health benefits. It has a unique vegetal taste due to the chlorophyll content of matcha. 

Thai Bubble Tea

This bubble tea has a distinct vanilla taste with an orange hue for the beverage, It's generally a sweet drink, which is a beverage choice for people with a sweet tooth. It's also made with evaporated milk, which gives this beverage it's unique sweet flavor.

Bubble tea has been famous for more than twenty years in Taiwan, but it's not been widely known to the world until recent years. The texture of bubbles, as well as the flavors of milk tea, creates a harmonious combination on the palate and the satisfaction you get from drinking it may urge you to ask for more. Try it for yourself and you will soon realize the magic of bubble tea.

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