What Is Pre-ming and Pre-rain ?Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well green tea, also known as Longjing tea, is one of China's most famous teas, and is highly regarded for its unique flavor, aroma, and health benefits. One of the factors that contribute to the tea's high quality is the timing of its picking, which includes two significant picking times: pre-ming and pre-rain. 

Pre-ming refers to the period of time in early spring, typically from late March to early April, when the tea leaves are picked before the Qingming Festival. During this time, the tea bushes have just emerged from dormancy and are bursting with new growth, producing tender and delicate leaves that are rich in nutrients and flavor.


In order to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of the tea, the leaves are hand-picked, carefully selected, and immediately processed using traditional techniques that have been passed down for centuries. The result is a tea that has a delicate, fresh, and floral taste, with a light sweetness and a hint of nuttiness. 

Pre-rain refers to the period of time in late April to early May, when the tea leaves are picked before the first rain of the season. This period is known for producing the highest quality Dragon Well tea, as the leaves have had time to grow and develop their flavors, but have not yet been affected by the humidity and moisture of the rainy season.

The pre-rain harvest is also hand-picked and carefully processed to preserve the tea's unique qualities. The resulting tea has a more complex flavor profile, with a subtle sweetness, a hint of chestnut, and a slight astringency that gives the tea its characteristic "bite."


In addition to their unique flavors, both pre-ming and pre-rain Dragon Well green teas are known for their health benefits. The tea is high in antioxidants, which can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It also contains caffeine, which can improve mental alertness and cognitive function, and L-theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect on the mind and body. 

To get the most out of your Dragon Well tea, it is important to choose high-quality leaves that have been picked and processed at the right time. Look for tea that is grown in the traditional regions of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, and that has been certified by reputable organizations such as the China Tea Marketing Association.


When brewing Dragon Well tea, it is important to use water that is between 170°F to 180°F (77°C to 82°C) to avoid burning the leaves and releasing bitter flavors. Allow the tea to steep for one to two minutes, depending on your personal preference, and enjoy the delicate flavors and aromas that are unique to pre-ming and pre-rain Dragon Well green tea. 

So pre-ming and pre-rain Dragon Well green tea are two of the most sought-after teas in China due to their unique flavors, aromas, and health benefits. These teas are carefully picked and processed to preserve their delicate qualities and are enjoyed by tea lovers all over the world. By selecting high-quality Dragon Well tea and brewing it properly, you can experience the full range of flavors and benefits that this iconic tea has to offer.

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