What Is Fruit Infused Tea?

Tea nowadays is another common drinks around the world besides coffee. Although it has been extensively popular in the Eastern countries for numerous centuries, it's been widely spread to the Western countries and has caused quite a stir in what people may choose to drink these days. There are numerous kinds of tea types and tea drinks, and one of the most popular teas is fruit infused tea.

From the name itself, fruit infused tea is tea which is infused with fruits come in numerous kinds of form, including but not limited to, dried fruit, fruit juice, fruit leaves, or even fresh fruits. By carefully choosing the right amount of water and suitable water temperature, as well as the selected duration, the fruit flavor or aroma can truly enhance the tea itself to its maximum without jeopardizing the purity and distinct flavor of the tea. Not only do these factors influence the flavor of fruit infused tea, but the execution and management of the tea brewing process are also critical to the flavor as well. Fruit infused tea can not only provide the genuine aroma of the tea itself but also the harmonical flavors contributed from the addition of fruits.

Since individual tea is quite diverse like its ingredients, the parameters for making the optimal fruit infused tea is not always the same. Not only tea leaves but also fruit types can have different flavors and aromas under different water temperatures and various infusion time. Generally speaking, the process of making fruit infused tea is similar to the process of making usual tea, but with the difference of adding fruit in the middle. Depending on the type of fruits and the parts of fruits you are infusing, the timeframe of adding water to the fruit can be diverse. Fruit leaves may require a longer time while the dried fruit may require shorter. Try to experiment or work out different recipes and processes to make your one-of-a-kind fruit infused tea.

Different teas in fruit infused tea

The taste, smell and health benefits of fruit infused tea are undeniable, but various tea types will enhance the qualities of infused tea in different ways. Black, green, and oolong tea leaves are of the same species and the oxidation of the plant is what makes it have distinct properties. 

Green tea is one of the popular choices for fruit-infused tea because of its antioxidant and health-boosting effects. It has a very low caffeine level and can help with weight loss. Green tea on its own is almost tasteless, but with the infused tea it keeps its health benefits while having a sweet fruit taste and aroma. 

Black tea will lower the risk of various diseases and protect cells from damage.Black infused tea will have a stronger taste and a richer color than green tea due to it being fully oxidized. 

Oolong tea has benefits similar to those of green and black teas. It can boost your metabolism while protecting your bones, heart, and brain from diseases. Jasmine tea gives a fruit-infused tea the same health and body benefits as the green tea. It can lower the risk of cancer, as well as some mental and heart diseases.

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